New Clarion marine units offer unrivalled onboard entertainment

New Clarion marine units offer unrivalled onboard entertainment

Clarion - a global leader of mobile electronics – has added the marine industry’s first watertight multimedia head-unit to its range of custom marine products.

Clarion’s CMV1 was selected by the Consumer Electronics Association in the U.S, as an Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award honouree, in the In-Vehicle Audio product

category for product and design excellence.

The unique design features a 3.5-inch TFT full colour display and offers DVD-video and DivX as well as iPod Video* playback capabilities, as well as being Bluetooth ready**, to offer a fully integrated AV experience.

The CMV1 includes Dolby Digital playback, whilst compressed audio sound enhancements are made via BBE® MP (Minimized Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation), generating a vacuum tube sound to restore harmonics lost during digital compression.

The CMV1 offers one-year back-up memory so radio presets are not lost even if the boat is in seasonal storage, and with rear panel AV inputs and outputs - perfect for driving

additional display screens – Clarion delivers a comprehensive onboard entertainment experience previously reserved for in-car.

Clarion’s completely redesigned flagship marine CD model, CMD6 has a 1-DIN chassis with an oversized face panel. It features a sealed waterproof flip-down front face with rubberized large rotary volume knobs and buttons. The CMD6 includes a large two-line, ten character display, features USB input for direct iPod control, instant radio station recall, and rear panel RCA inputs and outputs. The CMD6 – like the CMV1 - allows for operation with either a wired or wireless remote control and offers one-year back-up memory.

Clarion’s new water-resistant speaker line includes the all–new CMQ2510W 10 inch 300W subwoofer, as well 7 inch and 6.5 inch coaxial speakers.

The all-new wired remote controls are exclusively compatible to Clarion’s 2009 top marine units. The MW2 remote has sleek black styling with stainless steel surround, completely waterproof controls and an easy-to-use button configuration. The MW1 remote offers the

same good looks, and includes a large 2-line display with a four-way control button to easily scroll through music files and or seek your favourite radio stations.

* Optional CCA723 cable needed - £45.00

** Optional BLT373 receiver needed - £79.00

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