ClarionMiND: A Mobile Internet Navigation Device

Clarion to prepare the ClarionMiND introduction in Europe


A Mobile Internet Navigation Device

After the introduction of the PC, the notebook was the first to follow, then the netbook,and finally the newest generation of devices MiD: Mobile Internet Device. Based on years of experience with navigation and professional vehicle integration, the infotainment specialist Clarion has developed this concept further and added a new key function: navigation. With this, a completely new device category was born: the Mobile Internet Navigation Device.

Access to the Internet is possible at home, in the office, or at hotspot locations using WiFi or in combination with a mobile phone via Bluetooth ®. As a result, the user has unlimited real-time access to cutting-edge information all the time everywhere.

A further expression of the know-how responsible for Clarion’s worldwide reputation is the optional docking station. It enriches the vehicle’s audio system with many attractive features and, in doing so, goes far beyond what conventional GPS navigation devices can accomplish. With the docking station, the user can hear the voice guidance of the navigation function as well as his favourite songs through the board speakers. More, the ClarionMiND is equipped with a user interface that automatically blocks pre-selected functions during the drive. Simultaneously, up-to-date traffic information is available to him via the integrated RDS-TMC function (Radio Data System – Traffic Message Channel).

This all-in-one multimedia device provides access to all up-to-date information and entertainment supports. Based on a sophisticated navigation engine, not less that 42 European countries are covered by the integrated map data. Should this content not be enough, the user has a specific access to Google maps, allowing him to downloads POIs coordinates directly from the famous web site to his device. One wish, a few clicks, and the new destination is stored in the system.

The ClarionMiND’s full browser lets access any web site, and the wide and ultra clear touch-screen provides perfect viewing comfort. Emails can not only quickly be checked, but also easily sent thanks to the virtual keyboard. Direct access to YouTube or MySpace is made possible thanks to specially designed applications. Music Sync is also included to let access one’s own online music library, and Real Player to play all audio and video contents, photo viewer. Even Digital Television is available: all necessary keys to a complete mobile life are included.

Main features and specification

- Trend setting multifunctional device

- Full internet connectivity

- Multimedia capabilities, as only possible on PC’s until now

- Full and free digital TV (DVB-T)

- Specially adapted applications for Google Maps™, YouTube™ and MySpace™

- Sophisticated navigation technology (42 European countries coverage, NAVTEQâ maps)

- WVGA touch-screens with 800 × 480 pixels

- Powerful Intel® Atom™ processor

- 512 MB DRAM

- 4 GB SSD flash memory

- 2 USB ports (standard/mini), microSD card slot

- WiFi and Bluetooth®

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