High Specs, High Touch for the Clarion VZ509E

Clarion new Multimedia Station: all features in one high quality device

Not only does in-car entertainment come with a high level of sound and video quality together with a safe drive and the pleasure of operating a multimedia device, Clarion’s new 2009 VZ509E DVD Multimedia Station only has 4 physical buttons to control a vast range of functions.

Operation is streamlined, simplified and beautifully enhanced with the high-resolution on-screen display.

The VZ509E has a pure and simple design, which is in perfect harmony with the well-known Clarion crystal-clear sound and its advanced Graphical User Interface. This complete package makes an eye-catching product that includes a rich technical content.

The VZ509E offers a vast selection of movies and music with the support of DVD, DivX, as well as MP3, WMA and iTunes AAC data stored on CD or DVD discs. The 2-Zone Entertainment function separates the in-car environment into two discrete zones, allowing rear seat passengers to enjoy a DVD movie or iPod video, while the driver and front seat passenger can listen to favourite radio stations or music from a USB memory device.

Of course, direct USB iPod control is possible: simply connect the USB cable that’s included with the iPod to the Clarion unit’s USB input and you get complete control over your favourite music, including iPod ABC Search. Depending on your preference, either use the convenient touch-screen panel of the VZ509E or operate your iPod with the iPod’s control wheel. By connecting the iPod to the VZ509E via the optional CCA723 cable, you can enjoy iPod Video on the VZ509E’s monitor.

Based on Clarion’s vast know-how, sophisticated sound improvement tools are included, such as BBE® MP for better sounding MP3/WMA/AAC files. The BBE MP (Minimised Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation) process improves digitally compressed sound such as MP3/WMA/AAC by restoring harmonics that are lost through compression, thereby reproducing the warmth, detail and nuances that you would otherwise lose. BBE MP-enhanced harmonics even make ordinary CDs sound better. Beat EQ for user-customisable sound, High Pass Filter & Low Pass Filter, 24-bit D/A converter also feature this high-grade device, together with 6-channel audio pre-out. The full set of RCA line outputs allows upgrading to a full-scale AV system with plenty of support for future system expansions.

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