Clarion FZ409E - FZ709E

Clarion Liberates In-Car Audio Entertainment

Clarion has been inventing new products for many years, with the aim of restoring a perfect sound while minimising all intermediates between music and the human ear as much as possible.

Today, Clarion is about to unveil two new models, once again demonstrating its know-how, with the FZ709E and the FZ409E from next July.

Both are mechanism-free devices. No more CD. Instead, Bluetooth for the FZ709E, USB / MP3 / WMA / AAC, and for both models, any mechanical distortion has been purely and simply made impossible. Moreover, these units are featured with the BBE-MP function, which restores harmonics lost during digital audio file compression, thereby reproducing the warmth, detail and nuances of the original source. In addition, its 24-bit D/A converter changes the 16-bit digital data to a full 24-bit format for the utmost in resolution and clarity.

Pure sound, but also pure design. Here again, mechanisms are made obsolete. Based on Clarion’s continuous quest for the ideal H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface), the OEL display incorporates a unique capacitive sensor operation that provides an advanced user interface. No more knob to command the device: all operations can be performed simply by touching the front panel. As only relevant button icons appear for the task at hand, access is made more direct and responsive.

You are a driver. Become a conductor.

Main features:

· Built-in Bluetooth hands-free (HFP & OPP) and audio streaming (A2DP & AVRCP) (FZ709E)

· MP3, WMA and iTunes® AAC compatible with ID3-TAG display

· iPod direct control via USB

· Auxiliary input with level

· Control (Rear mini jack)

· Subwoofer level control

· 24-bit D/A converter

· BBE MP for compressed audio sound improvement

· Beat EQ for sound adjustment

· Built-in High Pass Filter & Low Pass Filter

· Touch sensor operation

· Full dot OEL display

· 4-volt / 6-channel audio pre-out (FZ709E)

· 2-volt / 6-channel audio pre-out (FZ409E)

· OEM steering wheel remote-wired interface capability

· Remote control included (optional for FZ409E)

· iPod video ready

· External microphone included (FZ709E)

· Bluetooth BLT373 Interface ready (FZ409E)

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