Clarion presents its new creation, the CZ309E. It has everything.

Design, features, price. From the very first glance the CZ309E will charm the onlooker, and is designed for everybody.

The CZ309E has modern, elegant lines. The main controls are grouped together on an elegantly shaped satellite unit, all pointed at the big 13-segment LCD display. The dynamic design is a direct invitation to try out the wealth of features that go to make up this product.

With its built-in Bluetooth®, the CZ309E is, by itself a complete hands-free solution. It is a telephone (with access to telephone directory and SIM card, call log and exterior microphone included) as well as being a multimedia centre (with streaming audio).

Multimedia, multi-support: In addition to the Bluetooth, the CZ309E has a front-facing CD player and memory stick slot, HC-compatible SD player, and jack plug auxiliary input! It has all the necessary MP3 and WMA features. Music lovers will appreciate the equaliser presets as well as the three-band parametric equaliser, not to mention the loudness button for listeners who love rich bassy tones.

With its remote control and clip-off front panel, the CZ309E is compatible with steering column controls built into most cars, via the optional Clarion interface.

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