Clarion Portable Navigation Device MAP790

MAP790: Clarion meets customer expectations

Among the highly competitive Portable Navigation Devices market, consumers can feel lost and find it difficult to differentiate between all available products.

To make things easier, Clarion decided to offer a clear solution, bringing all advantages together within one unit.

First of all, the car audio and navigation systems leading manufacturer reduced its standard offering to one unit, the MAP790, meaning that there is no need to choose which country coverage is best: the MAP790 offers pre-installed map data for 44 European countries. All "must have" functions are also present; text-to-speech: while streets are displayed on the screen, voice guidance tells you their actual name ("after 150 metres, turn left onto Saint Margaret Street..."). The rich voice guidance comes with enhanced contents displayed on the screen: 360° 3D realistic views (3D buildings, 3D landmarks), modelling terrain in 3D, topographical view, as well as lane indicators, motorway signposts, etc. All useful information is automatically displayed exactly when you need it. Moreover, the device is able to receive traffic information free of charge (data availability depends on countries) with its built-in TMC receiver.

In addition to this complete service which allows you to reach your destination safely without getting lost, the MAP790 includes built-in enhanced Bluetooth functionality, which enables mobile phone address book management, as well as POP messages for incoming SMS, and even audio streaming (A2DP) and an audio video remote control profile (AVRCP).

The MAP790 body is smart and light, meeting today's consumer requirements.

In order to improve the device’s comfort during use, Clarion also offers an optional cradle that can be fixed in the car and integrates the power supply directly from the base. The MAP790 then becomes very easy to fix and to release thanks to a clever clipping system, with no need to fix the unit on the windscreen.

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