GPS Clarion SD691TRK: Truck Navigation System

MAP790 is the portable solution from Clarion.

This navigation system is a very comprehensive solution that covers 44 countries as standard, with very sophisticated ergonomics and graphic interface (3D views, monuments shown, etc.).

MAP790 can be enhanced with an additional database for trucks through the SD card. This database has already been offered by Clarion for several months, under reference SD690TRK ("TRK" for "Truck"). A new version is now being announced under reference SD691TRK It will be available from the end of April, incorporating the latest Navteq update for the map data (Q4 2009) and improved POI.

So professional truck drivers now have a complete database containing essential information:

· Special road signs, such as no overtaking for trucks, when an icon appears on screen as a reminder.

· Dedicated POIs: petrol stations, road-side restaurants, parking for trucks, etc.

· Additional information on petrol stations: open 24 hours; special pumps; availability of truck diesel, biodiesel, etc.; showers, toilets; vehicle wash; raised canopies.

· Dedicated calculation: the route time is calculated taking into account the maximum admissible speed for trucks and also any special regulations: routes that may not be used when carrying hazardous substances, maximum permitted weight, maximum height, etc. The system also includes the legal obligations relating to the driver’s break times.

A specific interface allows the driver to input all of the parameters specific to his vehicle into the system. This information is stored, guaranteeing the user a driving aid that is both customised and optimised according to his requirements.

The SD691TRK truck database can also be installed in the portable MAP690 unit. This unit does not contain a pre-installed database and is suitable for drivers who find it enough just to use the SD card data.

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