Clarion CZ200E: at ease in any conditions

Clarion dedicates its new arrival to connectivity.

Since 1947, Clarion has been an unrivalled specialist in associating sound with mobility. The brand is recognized as a major player that enabled hi-fi, previously limited to purely domestic use, to establish its pedigree in cars.

Today the notion of mobility is experiencing unparalleled growth. Technology is overlapping and the consumer is witnessing a glut of electronic convergence, in which it isn’t always easy to distinguish a gadget from a tool, quality from veneer.

In this sometimes bewildering environment, Clarion has stayed true to its image and to consumers, offering as always reliable and complete solutions. The entire car radio range is a commitment to the sound quality and long life of its products, while at the same time responding to the needs of our era. The CZ200E plays a full part in this reality. A CD, MP3 and WMA player, it is an ideal response to the modern music lover who values his personal choice wherever he goes. With a mini-jack and USB port, you can connect any personal stereo or USB stick, including of course your iPod or iPhone, to easily play music files through your car system.

While remaining affordable, the CZ200E lets you set up a complete hi-fi installation. For example, you can simultaneously connect an iPod and a USB player, thereby adding two music sources to the CD player and radio tuner. Thanks to its 4-channel RCA, you can attach an amplifier to perfect the sound output, along with a subwoofer whose volume is directly adjustable from the car radio. A low pass filter also lets you handle low frequencies. Sound is also adjustable by two additional functions, M-BassEX (bass amplification) and Beat-EQ equaliser.

Available as an optional extra, the BLT373 module will transform the CZ200E into a hands-free kit, or let you play audio tracks stored on your Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone. Lastly, Clarion’s newest arrival is compatible with the vast majority of pre-installed steering wheel remote controls, using a suitable interface offered by Clarion.

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