Clarion Celebrates 70th Anniversary in December 2010

This December Clarion Co., Ltd. celebrates the 70th Anniversary of its establishment in 1940.

70th Anniversary Commemorative Logo

Clarion was established in Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo in December 1940, originally under the name of Hakusan Wireless Electric Company, and was renamed Teikoku Dempa Co., Ltd. after its merger with Takizawa Wireless Electric Industries Co., Ltd. in November 1943. Since developing Japan's first car radio in 1948, and commercializing Japan's first car stereo in 1964, among other accomplishments, the company has led the field of in-vehicle equipment it helped to create.

The company adopted “Clarion” as a brand name in 1945, and officially changed the corporate name to Clarion Co., Ltd. in December 1970. A long brass instrument which first appeared some 700 years ago, the clarion was known for its piercing high notes. In like manner, since adopting it as its corporate name 70 years ago, Clarion has continued to hit high notes in the industry.

In recent years, through the development of next-generation in-vehicle information systems, the development and sales of the Auto PC in-vehicle personal computer and other advancements, Clarion has pioneered the market for products that connect people, cars, sound and information. In 2006 the company launched the global “Clarion” brand to encourage business activities aimed at being a company loved by its customers around the world. Also in 2006, Clarion became a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., thereby expanding the company’s ITS and vehicle control business scope, and bolstering cost competitiveness, marketing, business, technology, quality and other fundamental capabilities, which has led to increased both OEM and market competitiveness.

Since its inception, Clarion has been enveloped in an environment that is constantly and dynamically evolving — from the AM radio to digital broadcasting and navigation, and even more so with the emergence of electric vehicles and the information and communications network society. To this day, in its endeavor to develop products of real value that contribute to a prosperous society, Clarion continues to pursue car safety, security and comfort, and a better way to connect people, sound and information. In this pursuit, Clarion continues to rely on your support and patronage.

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