Clarion CZ100E: simply elegant

Clarion prepares the introduction of its new entry level for February 2010

Refined design, careful selection of technical features: attractively priced, the appeal of the brand new Clarion CZ100E is further enhanced by its seductive allure, perfectly attuned to 2010 design trends. A blue starburst against a black lacquered background, giving this car radio a personality that will fit perfectly into any type of interior.

A CD, MP3 and WMA player, this new star is open to any extension, at the whim of the user. The CZ100E has a mini-jack on the front of the unit for connecting any type of additional external player. In addition, the audio 4-channel RCA offers the luxury of connecting an additional amplifier to create a quality hi-fi installation. A low pass filter lets you add a subwoofer to your system to ensure superb reproduction of low frequencies. Sound management is also handled by the built-in Beat EQ equaliser, enabling a user to customize the level and range of bass, midrange and treble, or apply pre-set patterns: Bass Boost, Impact and Excite.

The CZ100E can also communicate by simply adding an external Bluetooth module (BLT373).

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