Clarion NX700E: the all-in-one multimedia is crowned with glory

Clarion has just launched its latest progeny, the NX700E, on the European market.

Within days, it received the ultimate accolade from Germany’s highly reputable automotive magazine, Car & Hifi, which specialises in onboard electronics. This happens so rarely that we want to spell it out loud and clear - the NX700E achieved a 1, which is 10 out of 10 according to the score system in the United Kingdom.

Absolutely one of the best ‘Navitainers’ in its price category.

This acclaim, heralded in the March 2010 issue of Car & Hifi, is based on the great qualities of the NX700E. Its name, Navitainer, says it all – a perfect integration of the functions of a complete navigation system with a highly sophisticated multimedia station.

Presentation of the NX700E:

-Double DIN
: the NX700E has a large 7 inch (17.78 cm) touch screen, which is extremely easy to use, both for navigation and multimedia purposes, not forgetting the very high quality user interface.

-Connectivity: this product responds to the needs and expectations of today’s user, who demands a USB connection and iPod / iPhone compatibility, not to mention Bluetooth for hands-free calling.

-Top of the range multimedia: the NX700E is equipped with a remarkable range of functionalities to guarantee a level of sound reproduction that befits a leading multimedia unit of this calibre.

-Integrated navigation: this exceptional equipment accommodates an advanced “plug and play” navigation system. No additional installation is required; the GPS navigation system functions completely independently (no speed pulse information needed). The graphic interface and the navigation software ergonomics are equally highly developed, as is the level of the on-board map data, which cover not less than 44 countries.

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