Clarion CZ500E: High Fidelity & communications

An uncompromising car radio that sets new standards

Sometimes having to spend a long time in the car has its good side - at least if you’ve decided to fit the new Clarion CZ500E.

With the blue starburst design, which is being progressively applied to new models since the beginning of the year, the CZ500E has a true quality appearance that does not belie the richness of its equipment.

Starting with connectivity: the CZ500E is at ease with any USB peripheral, from simple USB sticks to elaborate personal stereos. You can also play music files from an iPod or iPhone, simply by connecting the cable provided with your device. It also has a front mini-jack for connecting an additional peripheral.

The CZ500E also includes Bluetooth functionality, making it a true multimedia unit. Bluetooth means you can use your radio as a hands-free kit. The CZ500E comes with an external microphone. You can also wirelessly stream audio files from your Bluetooth phone, extending the range of music sources connected in parallel.

A complete package, the CZ500E assures High Fidelity acoustics. Set up your sound using the built-in settings functions (bass amplifier, equaliser, low pass filter), and enrich your installation using the 4-Volt 6-channel pre-out to connect additional subwoofer and amplifiers. The 4-V output in particular means your amplifiers deliver even more power and purity of sound.

Linked to a dedicated interface provided by Clarion, the CZ500E is also compatible with most pre-installed steering wheel remote controls: a no-compromise revolution in in-car pleasure.

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