Receive digital TV on all monitors fitted in your carwith the Clarion DTX501E

Today, digital terrestrial television is well-established. With Clarion, you can enjoy this technology in your car, thanks to a digital TV receiver which is adapted to car monitors.

Clarion multimedia units and the DTX501E, two complementary products
Equipped with high resolution screens (800x480), the NX501E and NZ501E multimedia/navigation units provide incomparable visual quality which complements the current range of audio and video options. In addition, Clarion presents the DTX501E, a digital TV adaptor, to enrich your digital experience.

The DTX501E, the small unit with big possibilities
You can now entertain your backseat passengers with more than just a DVD: all standard DVB-T channels are available with the DTX501E. While your backseat passengers make the most of these channels on monitors connected to the unit, the driver and front passenger are not left out: the DTX501E also displays television channels on a multimedia station in complete safety while the car is stationary. If your car is already fitted with monitors from another manufacturer, rest assured that Clarion's DTX501E is compatible with all car monitors available on the market.
Being ultra compact, it will fit seamlessly into your car's interior and soon become indispensable!

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