NX501E: a multimedia navigation unit with touch screen that is totally in tune with the times

Clarion introduces two new units combining navigation, multimedia and leisure for driver and passenger enjoyment.

Clarion, the in-car audio and electronic equipment specialist is strengthening its position in the navigation system market with the arrival of two new models: the NZ501E (1 DIN) and the NX501E (2 DIN). Equipped with perfect sound quality these units are true state-of-the-art multimedia units which will delight the passengers in your car on both long and short journeys.

Exceptional touch screen and visual quality
Fast and simple installation is a mere formality. When operational the NX501E reveals a 6.2" fully touch screen. In its 1 DIN version the NZ501E itself has a motorized 7" touch screen with an adjustable angle for optimum visibility. Their W-VGA technology and 800x480 resolution make these high-definition screens with unmistakable visual quality.

Equipped with an intuitive new-generation user interface you can see the range of functionalities available to you on these units by simply sliding a finger over the screen. The "Active Icon" function provides total interactivity. The menu icons are animated as a mosaic of thumbnail images that recreate the function content in miniature. You have the convenient option of customising your interface by organising the order of the icons which are displayed on the screen to suit your preferences.

Responsive navigation with very wide coverage and plenty of options!
Both multimedia units can be used to navigate across 44 European countries. Clarion specialises in miniaturisation brought to life in the car: everything is included, right through to the 8GB micro SD card which hosts the map data as well as any possible POI and radar map additions. This means that there are no additional peripherals needed.

For increased responsiveness the 600 MHz processor can be used to perfectly follow the car's movement on the road when the Navigation mode is selected. As true travelling companions the NX501E and NZ501E provide 3D map data, show which intersections and lanes should be taken and automatically highlight the road signs to be followed during your journey. What's more a "green road" is systematically proposed in accordance with fuel consumption and constraints of the journey.

MP3 players, iPods and iPhones always come first
The NX501E gives full meaning to in-car entertainment, mainly thanks to the integrated DVD/CD player and support provided for MP3, WMA, MPEG1/2/4 or AAC files. The USB port is compatible with all MP3 players, along with iPods and iPhones. An additional 3.5 jack socket on the front fascia rounds off the units so that nothing is left to chance in terms of audio and video. The NX501E and NZ501E naturally offer a wide range of audio settings. For total entertainment the "2-Zone" function can be used to manage two multimedia sources simultaneously at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Communication in hands-free mode
Communication is synonymous with freedom with the Bluetooth Parrot module which is also included. Compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and updated on a regular basis, it allows you to communicate in total safety through the microphone integrated onto the front of the unit. The NX501E and NZ501E are designed to make your life easier: the entire content of your phonebook will be downloaded automatically onto the unit so that it can be displayed on the screen, making it easier to look for your contacts. Finally the Bluetooth function also provides the option of listening to all your favourite music files stored on your telephone in the car via Streaming Audio!





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