In the car, keep an eye in every direction with Clarion

At a time when road safety constitutes one of our daily worries, Clarion offers the opportunity to increase your visibility with a monitor that simultaneously displays the views captured by four on-board cameras positioned on the bodywork.

Mini cameras offering maximum performance
Clarion's rear vision cameras are ultra-compact, offering maximum visibility with the minimum use of space. Because of their wide angle coverage, nothing will escape you. Their high-resolution sensors ensure the depiction is as close as possible to reality, even in the dark. Now, with no more impromptu overtaking and hidden obstacles, you can drive in complete safety and enjoy easier parallel parking.

A 7" monitor with quadruple display
To combine the output of this on-board camera system effectively, Clarion offers a multi-display 7" colour LCD screen: the CJ7300GA. With four areas on display at the same time, you can achieve a panoramic view of your surroundings, or concentrate on just two cameras if you prefer. Select a reference point for the rear distance to get a better notion of the angle (intervals of 1, 3, 5 or 7 metres). The CJ7300GA monitor also offers the option to display either the regular or reverse image (in the case of cameras positioned to the rear of the vehicle).

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