Irresistible but ultra-resistant...introducing Clarion's Marine range!

What could be more fun than being able to take your music with you everywhere while on holiday? That's exactly what Clarion, the in-car audio and electronic equipment specialist, is offering with its Marine CMV1 and CMD6 products. Now, even on the high seas, your favourite music and films* will be right there with you!

Watertight against all tests... and better still!
The CMV1 and CMD6 are of course designed to be resistant to water and salt. Sufficiently watertight to pass any test, they also have IPX5 certification to offer the best possible protection against the elements. Their rubber gaskets have integrated drainage channels to prevent water penetration. And if any water does get behind the panel, the CMV1 and CMD6 are built with a stainless steel chassis that protects the circuits from moisture, corrosion and mildew. Three layers of protection are better than one!

Direct connection to your favourite music and films*
The CMV1 and CMD6 enable you to enjoy various audio formats and even DVD* while at sea. Whether through AM/FM radio or CD, via Bluetooth or a USB connection, you will find all your favourite music in an instant! With Bluetooth, you can keep your mobile phone or compatible player safe and sound in your pocket and access your library, benefitting from crystal-clear sound through the Bluetooth transmitter. On an iPod, you can even use the touch wheel directly to search by genre, album or title.
Want to watch your favourite film in the middle of the ocean? With the CMV1, you can watch your DVDs, but also your DivX and iPod videos in high quality. Ideal for keeping kids entertained on long trips out at sea!

Peace of mind assured
Designed for easy installation, with the CMV1 and CMD6, you won't have to waste time fiddling with wires and connections. Their ultra-protective casing gives them a longer lifespan, removing the need to worry about replacing your audio equipment every season. This is the start of a long shared journey for your boat and Clarion's source units !

*DVD player and video functions only available with CMV1.

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