Clarion: High definition CMOS sensor camera

In addition to the simultaneous display monitor recently introduced by Clarion, we today present the CC4001E on-board mini camera, capable of showing exactly what is happening at the rear of the vehicle even in poor light conditions.

Always concerned with user safety, Clarion presents an ultra compact and highly discreet reverse image rear vision camera. Equipped with a 307,000 pixel CMOS sensor and a minimum 3 lux rating, it allows the driver to very clearly see what is happening behind the vehicle even in low light conditions. When parking underground or even at dusk, you are still able to manoeuvre safely thanks to the 130° lateral and 99° vertical angles of coverage.

Its RCA video port means it is compatible with all monitors
In order to simplify the equipment installation in your car, the Clarion CC4001U mini camera includes a 7 metre RCA video cable and installation kit. You need only directly connect the mini camera to the RCA video port and the car radio power supply and it's ready for use. As well as being compatible with the NX501E and NZ501E navigation systems it also adapts perfectly to any other monitor with an RCA video port. Resistant to temperatures from -20° to +60° it continues to work in rain, wind or snow to ensure safety in any conditions!

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