Clarion CIP : Professional Installation Accessories

The new CIP – Clarion-Installer-Programme – furnishes you with the most professional installation accessories helping you to install your Clarion equipment easily and safely into one of more than 200 various vehicle models. Included in this programme are the CAN bus converter, steering wheel remote control interface, and 2-DIN installation frame.


CAN-Bus Converter

In new vehicles, CAN-Bus technology is becoming increasingly prevalent, but it is not compatible with audio devices available from retailers. The development department of Clarion has specialised in finding solutions to make such digital communication systems compatible with the Clarion equipment series. The CAN converter interface allows vehicles equipped with a CAN-Bus to be adapted to a high-quality audio system from Clarion.

Steering Wheel Control Interface

More and more cars are sold with original car radios that are already integrated and that are controlled using buttons on the steering wheel. Clarion has introduced a series of interfaces which make it possible to connect Clarion devices to the steering wheel remote control in your car. This lets you experience the best of both worlds: the ongoing use of the convenient steering wheel controls and much better sound with more Clarion functions in your vehicle.

2-DIN Installation Frames

More than 60% of all new cars in Europe offer more installation space in the instrument panel for entertainment products than the standard size of 1-DIN. The use of 2-DIN devices offers the user the advantage of even more functions and improved usability in a single control device. To guarantee a professional installation and a smooth integration of the Clarion components in a 2-DIN installation position, Clarion has developed a wide range of installation sets adapted to various vehicle models. To support the person responsible for the installation, all fasteners are delivered with detailed installation instructions and helpful illustrations for the particular vehicle. The complete material required for installation is included in the delivery of the individual installation sets.

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