EISA announced MAX678RVD European In Car A/V Head Unit 2007-2008


Now numerous specialised journalists recognised, that the new flagship of the Clarion multimedia system series is exceptional: The prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), announces that the Clarion MAX678RVD has just been voted as European In Car A/V Head Unit 2007-2008. The specialised journalists of EISA rate the Clarion MAX678RVD as follows: „The double-DIN format solved the challenge of combining essential audio and video components within a single chassis body, and operating them with a large LCD screen. The next challenge has been achieving equally high quality in audio and video components - and Clarion has unquestionably risen to the challenge with the MAX678RVD. Audio quality is impressive from conventional CD and DVD video, thanks to a multibit D/A converter. The large LCD screen is a rare combination of high resolution, brightness, contrast and realistic colour reproduction. Excellent ergonomics and a stylish design - so hard to achieve with such confined space around the screen - make this a hands-down winner.“

EISA 2007

Product Specification

- 2-DIN Multimedia-Station

- 7“ 16:9 TFT-Touchscreen with 336.960 dots

- DVD player inclusive MP3 and WMA-playback from DVD

- RDS and digital tuner - Ce-NET controller

- Bluetooth compatible

- iPod and iPod Video compatible

- iPod interface

- HDD navigation control

- 4x 50 Watt amplifier

- IR remote control

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