CLARION DXZ778RUSB: Best Sound Quality with Intuitive Using Comfort


With the DXZ778 USB, Clarion is introducing a high-end CD receiver with phase

correction for a perfect spaciousness with precise sound localisation, with six-channel 6 volt pre-amplifier outputs, and intuitive Slidetrack control. A 24 bit D/A converter, high quality active crossovers, and a parametric 3-band equaliser round off the strong sounding equipment; The comfortable USB port serves for the additional playback of music files. The actual sensation is that this musically convincing high-end device is available for prices starting below 400 Euros!

The integrated CD drive can play all common CD formats and, of course, MP3, WMA and ACC files for a small collection of your favourite tunes, in case you forget your MP3 player or flash drive. The CD text and the iD3 tags increase the clarity when operating and the comfortable title search function makes the music collection is ergonomically selectable.

A 24 bit D/A converter provides first-class detail resolution. The flexibility of the

integrated active crossovers allows all speaker chassis to be adapted to the particular installation positions. A parametric equaliser adjusts the speakers to the vehicle acoustics and a delay time correction makes it possible to adjust the staging, for example, to the driver’s seat. To ensure that the sound is still strong even without additional power amplifiers, there are already strong MOS-FET power amplifiers with 4x 53 watts integrated.

The USB port stays hidden on the back side of the device for a harmonious and elegant front design and for maximal accident safety. It is compatible with classical flash drives, MP3 players, and mobile hard disc storage units, amongst others. Up to 255 folders with maximum 65,025 files are possible here. Using the 1 metre cable, the USB port can be ideally accessible into the glove box, allowing the MP3 player or hard drive to always be safely stowed away in the car.

The DXZ778USB is optically captivating with its premium front panel with few operating elements. Additionally, the colour of the buttons and display can be individually matched to the vehicle’s interior, with a choice of 728 colours. The DXZ778USB is compatible with most OEM steering wheel remote controls. Furthermore, the Bluetooth interface BLT373 can be connected for hands-free calls (compatible with HFP, HSP, and also A2DP, AVRCP).

The innovative Slidetrack Operating Concept

With the introduction of Slidetrak, Clarion is going a step further with its H.M.I.

interfaces as an ergonomic interface between man and machine. Slidetrak makes it possible to precisely control the key functions of the control device. With a simple movement of your fingertip, you have all key functions under control. Additionally, the Slidetrak maximises the available space on the front of the control device, which makes a large and easily legible display possible. With Slidetrak use, the button size is maximised allowing the driver to keep his eyes on the road while making selections on the device. This makes driving even safe.

Test Summary

The sound quality was confirmed by a test in the autohifi magazine (03/07 issue).

Autohifi’s summary: “If we had seven stars to award for the price-performance ratio, this radio would have done a clean sweep. So much equipment and sound for this price

– “this is a direct challenge to the competition!”

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