Clarion DUB278RMP: New Design Concept for the Car Radio


Clarion presents a completely new design concept for the car radio. The key words are “modern, uncluttered, and elegant”. The new DUB278RMP CD tuner can be used intuitively, true to the Clarion HMI, with just a few operating elements, and in the 2-DIN slot, it is a true eye-catcher.

With the new CD tuner, you can bring living room flair into your car with a design that is more that of a home system than of a traditional car radio. With just four visible buttons and a covered panel, the device is designed for ergonomic use. The optical highlight of the front panel is the illumination where you can freely choose from 728 colours, making it possible to adjust the car radio to your mood.

The integrated CD drive plays not only standard formats, but also MP3 and WMA files. The USB port on the front allows for an MP3 player, USB stick, or an external hard drive to be connected. This port supports 255 directories with a total of 15,000 files so that you never need to listen to a song twice. If you do hear a song again, the DUB278RMP also offers an RDS tuner with a 24-station memory.

In addition to the USB port, the CD tuner also has an AUX input on the front panel. A 4 x 50 watt MOS-FET power amplifier provides the best sound results.

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