Clarion DXZ578RUSB : USB-CD-Tuner with a new operating concept


The trend in the car multimedia sector is moving away from media with limited memory capacity like the CD towards re-recordable and, especially, mobile memory systems. A USB stick with an MP3 player not only enables a larger memory capacity but also an almost unlimited mobility.

With the new DXZ578RUSB, Clarion offers a USB-CD tuner that has one up on standard radios: with its scope of function and intuitive handling, the device represents a new developmental step in multimedia. The new SLIDETRAK handling concept enables intuitive usage with fewer buttons and a clearly arranged display.

The USB port installed on the front side supports all USB media, including classical memory sticks, MP3 players, as well as mobile hard disk drives. With these media, it can support a maximum of 255 directories with 65,025 files in total. The USB port is located on the right side of the device, at a safe distance from the steering wheel and can be directly reached without any bothersome wires. Just plug & play.

But if you get into the car with your brand new or old favourite CD, you don’t need to do without your entertainment of choice. The integrated CD drive can play all established types of CDs, including those with MP3 or WMA files with copies of your favourite music on them, in case you forget your MP3 player or stick.

It goes without saying that the Clarion is equipped with a high-quality RDS tuner with 24 memory presets, because despite all its extras, it remains a car radio with all of the customary functions. It is always important to be up-to-date with the current traffic situation and what is happening in the world.

To make sure that the sound is impressive even without an additional power amplifier, four powerful MOS-FET power amplifiers, with 53 watts each, are already integrated. A 24-bit D/A converter provides first-class sound quality, as do the integrated active crossovers whose high-pass filters even protect the speakers connected to the power amplifiers from high-energy bass frequencies.

The DXZ578RUSB is compatible with most OEM steering wheel remote controls. Furthermore, Bluetooth BLT373 can also be connected (facilitating HFP, HSP and also A2DP, AVRCP).

SLIDETRAK Operating Concept

With the introduction of Slidetrak, Clarion is going a step further with its H.M.I. interfaces. Slidetrak makes it possible to precisely control the key functions of the control device. With a simple movement of your fingertip, you have all key functions under control. Additionally, the Slidetrak maximises the available space on the front of the control device, which makes a large and easily legible display possible. With Slidetrak use, the button size is maximised allowing the driver to keep his eyes on the road while making selections on the device. This makes driving even safer.

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