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Clarion Intelligent VOICE™



Tutorial Download

How to start with Intelligent VOICE (Tutorial PDF file)

The great outdoors: Clarion and Intelligent VOICE

Mountain bike session: Clarion and Intelligent VOICE

Finding your way is child's play with Intelligent VOICE!

Tutorial 6: Intelligent VOICE™ powered by Google™

Compatible smartphones

● iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / iPhone 5
● iPhone 4s / iPhone 4
● Android(OS 4.0)
Please check for compatible mobile phone models here.

How to download the Smart Access app


“Smart Access” app for comprehensive control over numerous popular apps

Get information on new and suggested apps as well as upgrade notifications.

Download The Smart Access app

First, you’ll need to download the Smart Access app from the appropriate app store and install it onto your Android™ Phone or iPhone®.

How to connect (Bluetooth® pairing)


Check the smartphone to make sure that Bluetooth is set to on, and make sure Smart Access app is installed from application store.

Note: Enter the Bluetooth settings at your smartphone through “Settings”. There may be cases where this procedure differs.

Choose “Settings” on the menu screen of the car navigation system.


From the “Settings” screen, tap the Bluetooth icon.


At “BT Devices Connection”, tap “Set”


Tap on “Add”


Here you choose the type of Bluetooth connection select “Handsfree + Smartphone Linking” or "Smartphone Linking Only".


The default pass key display screen will appear Device name: CAR-BT PIN:1234


At the smartphone’s Bluetooth setting screen, select the device name “CAR-BT”.

Note : Check to see that the PIN# displayed on the smartphone matches the
PIN# shown on the source unit, then tap on OK.

Once the smartphone is recognized, it will be displayed as an available device. Make sure that “Connect with Bluetooth” is set to “ON”.


Back to the “Settings” Screen, tap on the wrench icon. Then at “Device Type” select either “iPhone” or “Android”. Smartphone linking setup is now complete.

Launch Smart Access app and connect appropriate cables for your smartphone.
Start the operation of "Smart Access" from a menu screen.

Connection methods

Launch Intelligent VOICE

1. Launch the app and tell the radio what you want to find.
From any screen, launch Clarion Intelligent VOICE™, then say where you want to go or what you want to do.
A. Restaurant japonais à Lyon

2. Select from a list of search results
A list of candidate locations will be displayed based on the enormous volume of up-to-date information from Google Places™.
3. Set the destination and begin route guidance
If you find the destination you want, select Start Guidance and your route begins.

Voice search with on-screen display

1. [Word] Displays the word that was spoken.
2. [Search Result] Search results will be displayed in order of proximity to current vehicle location.
3. [Did you mean:] If there are no hits for the word you said, an alternative word that is close to the displayed keyword is shown, allowing another search.
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