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Clarion Intelligent VOICE™


The Premium version of the Intelligent VOICE function can be activated with a single click, providing you with navigation guidance directly from Google search results.
When you use the NX504E, the premium version of the Intelligent VOICE function will be offered for free during the first three months. After that period, you can choose to stop using it or you can purchase it online through the Smart Access application on your mobile phone (smartphone).
service period
Free service
Premium service
1 month
6 months
12 months
*User can activate each premium services on
Smart Access app by in-app-purchase
Destination setup is not available
All function are available
* Price depends on the exchange rate and it might be changed by each app store without notice. Price may be changed by exchange rate.

You can enjoy the full functions of “Intelligent VOICE” during the free trial period.

You can check the period by following procedures:

If you are using the navigation system with one or more smartphones, the service is available to other smartphone users if you register one of the smartphones to the Premium Service.

The service is available only with the used navigation system for which the registration is made by the smartphone.

You can purchase the Premium Service license any time, during or after expiry of the free trial, free service or valid service period.

If the purchase is made during the valid period, the extension of the newly purchased period will apply on the expiry of the current period.

If the purchase is made after the expiry of the valid period, the extension of the newly purchased period will apply from that moment.

Procedures for purchasing the Premium Service license

[Step 1] Registration of the car navigation system to the smartphone application.


[Step 2] Purchase procedures are made within Smartphone Application.


In case the valid period is expired, a message of expiration is shown at the time of launching Smart Access applications. It is possible to proceed to purchasing from this.

Payment for the purchased Premium Service

 Settlement of payment can be completed immediately as it is done with the smartphone.  It is completed at the application store of the smartphone in use.
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