2010 Multimedia Source Unit (NX700E)

  • Simple control mode is available for this unit.
  • To use simple control mode with iPod nano 1G and iPod 5G, it is necessary to first connect to iPod using optional Connection Cable for iPod, then set Analog / Digital switch to Analog.
  • Das Multimedia-Steuergerät(Clarion-Gerät) kann keine Videos von Apple-Produkten wiedergeben, die über einen Lightning-Stecker verfügen(z. B. iPhone 5), da dieser Anschluss keine Videoausgabe bietet.

Y : Available

N : Unavailable

*1 CCA748 is required for playback of video contents.

*2 Video Playback. is not available.

*3 Video cant not be displayed in Simple control mode

* PICTURE function is not available for all for all models

* There are restrictions to displaying characters other than English letters and numbers. In this case, "*" is displayed.

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