Clarion takes the in-vehicle electronics market by storm

A new Cloud technology, an application and a remote server.

In keeping with its change of logo announced at the beginning of 2013, Clarion has continued to innovate with the introduction of Smart Access, a technology integrated with all of the telematics services provided by Clarion. Already acclaimed in Japan, Smart Access was developed internally by Clarion, on the basis of Hitachi technology. Serving consumers and manufacturers, this new technology will revolutionise driving and the relationship between customer and manufacturer.

Smart Access, more than just technology

A genuine innovation for connected vehicles, Smart Access technology enables drivers to extend their multimedia experience beyond the smartphone. In fact, Smart Access includes not just the technology present in the new range of multimedia units (NX503E and FX503E multimedia units), but also an application designed to connect the smartphone to the vehicle, as well as the Clarion server which manages all these applications. For the launch of this new range, Clarion has mainly focused on the functions most popular among its users: navigation, traffic data and Internet radio. Everything is put in place to ensure a pleasant and safe driving experience, thanks to a simple and free Smart Access application. "Smart Access is the key to making the automobile connected, in other words, enabling it to receive information and communicate at all times," explains Sébastien Brame, Director of Communication for Europe.

An innovation to make drivers' lives simpler

In order to offer the driver a safer driving experience at all times, Clarion has innovated with the Smart Access application, providing both entertainment and also assistance to the driver on the road. Smart Access provides access to a range of applications optimised for in-car use. Social network applications and news feeds are optimised for the multimedia unit screen, to ensure the safety of the driver and secure access to information. When approaching junctions, "messenger" functions are disabled and voice synthesis for reading messages received is interrupted. The driver can also make use of weather information and adjust their driving based on climatic or environmental conditions thanks to external data updates in real time.

Enhanced relationship between driver and manufacturer

So manufacturers can do all they can to improve safety in the vehicle, Clarion enhances the functions provided as standard in order to improve the interaction between the manufacturer and the driver. Designed for standard installation in partnership with interested brands, dedicated applications will use the cloud to provide customer information, report data to the manufacturer for increased safety and develop services for drivers. "Smart Access provides professional drivers with a secure and controlled cloud. The Internet is becoming a necessity within the vehicle, and it's the responsibility of a specialist like Clarion to provide efficient and secure access from all perspectives," says Richard Faÿs, consumer sales manager.

The course is set, and the future has already turned up new projects, such as the management of logistics flows for professionals, for example.

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