Travel in freedom with the NX502ETRK multimedia centre by Clarion!

A navigation system designed for large vehicles.

Clarion, the in-car multimedia electronic equipment specialist, announces the release of its new multimedia centre, the NX502ETRK. A real blend of technology, it is dedicated to drivers of motorhomes and HGVs, offering them information that is perfectly suited to their vehicle.

A navigation system for roaming the roads without feeling restricted
The NX502ETRK will simplify journeys for a great many professional and holiday drivers! Responding to the main concerns of motorhome and HGV drivers, it is capable of anticipating the many restrictions that these vehicles may come up against: physical restrictions (height, length etc.), legal restrictions for loads and manoeuvring (weight, dangerous substances etc.), as well as warnings such as steep slopes and tight turns. A helpful travel companion, it can even suggest an alternative route in real time in the event of a traffic jam. With a navigation system like this, no obstacle will hold you back on your journeys!

Wander around Europe in complete safety
Equipped with a mapping system specific to heavy goods transport, the NX502ETRK enables you to cross 37 countries unimpeded. Incorporating essential functions such as warning symbols adapted for each country, ecological routes and a 3D 360° display mode, the NX502ETRK offers you a simplified and intuitive driving experience. The highly practical NX502E also has a built-in Parrot Bluetooth interface with front-facing microphone, allowing safe and stress-free driving whilst travelling for holidays or work.





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