New logo and new baseline revealing the brand's direction.

Clarion reveals its new direction for 2013

On 1 November 2012, Clarion, the in-car multimedia electronic equipment specialist, began using a new logo. While the previous logo consisted solely of the brand name, Clarion's new baseline moves you – connect you highlights the new emphasis on connectivity, the core of its products over the coming years.

Innovation: Clarion's DNA

The Clarion brand never stops offering innovative new solutions to simplify life for drivers. Since designing the very first stereo car radio on the Japanese market in 1963, the company has innovated continuously. Today, it presents SmartAccess, the first Cloud service for in-car electronics. The graphical evolution of the logo places an emphasis on this desire to innovate, linking the emotion aroused by the quality of Clarion products ("moves you") with the connectivity that is now a must for the car ("connects you").

"Smartphones have become the link between the car and the cloud," says Sébastien Brame, Clarion's Director of Communication, Europe.

"Our products work in conjunction with the smartphone (iPhone or Android) to manage information continuously. Already acclaimed in Japan, SmartAccess was developed internally by Clarion, on the basis of Hitachi technology. The car was connectable. With SmartAccess, it has become connected," Sébastien Brame adds.

This technological innovation, available in Europe from this spring, strengthens the emotional bond between drivers and their cars. Their car becomes an extension of their home, allowing them – like at home – to access their music, Internet radio, social networks and a wide variety of other useful information for the purposes of leisure or driving.

Connectivity in support of safety

The promise of connectivity announced in the slogan "moves you - connects you" is completely fulfilled by the SmartAccess system. Clarion's solution assists the driver by offering all possible information to make driving easier and the journey more pleasant and safe. As well as weather and traffic updates, there is a whole system in place to support driver safety. Combining leisure and safety, emotion and information, this is the start of a new era for Clarion products.


New Clarion logo

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