CX501E Mobile Phone Compatibility

This page supplies information about confirmed connectivity of CX501E with various brands of mobile telephones.

  • The list of phones is not exhaustive and represents only the tested sample. If a phone is not listed, this does not necessarily mean that it will not work.
  • The results were obtained through testing under certain conditions at the factory. Actual results may be different when the products are used under different conditions and in different environments.
  • The list only reports the results of testing, but does not guarantee connectivity.
  • For information on operating the mobile phone, please refer to its documentation.
  • For that the call volume automatically control function will work, the call volume may be unstable at the beginning of call, depending on the state of communication or phone model.
  • Bluetooth may be disconnected or sound skip may occur, if you put your phone far away or in weak signal. Please put it in strong signal as possible as you can.

Notice about Phonebook transfer

  • It may be not available display normally when a letter except the alphanumeric character is included in a telephone book.
  • It may be not available to transfer the category of the phone number, depending on the setting of category.
  • It can register 5 mobile phones and 100 phonebooks for each at most. When transfer all phonebooks, which phonebooks and which numbers in multi phonebooks will be transferred, is depending on mobile phones.

Yes: Available

No: Unavailable

-: No function

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