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MAX688RBT, VRX888RBT, VX709E, VZ709E Mobile Phone Compatibility

This page supplies information about confirmed connectivity of MAX688RBT, VRX888RBT, VX709E and VZ709E with various brands of mobile telephones.

  • The list of phones is not exhaustive and represents only the tested sample. If a phone is not listed, this does not necessarily mean that it will not work.
  • The results were obtained through testing under certain conditions at the factory. Actual results may be different when the products are used under different conditions and in different environments.
  • The list only reports the results of testing, but does not guarantee connectivity.
  • Features supported by the address book transfer function will differ, depending on the telephone model.
  • Only mobile phones which comply to below profiles are supported.
    • Bluetooth HFP (Hands-Free Profile)
    • Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
    • Bluetooth AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
  • For information on operating the mobile phone, please refer to its documentation.

Y : Available
N : Not Available
- : Mobile Phone doesn't have the function.
*1 Outgoing call may not be available depending on conditions of mobile phone.
*2 Private mode may not be available.
*3 Transfer of whole phonebook data may not be available.
*4 Pause, skip, fast-forward, back, and fast-rewind functions may not work normally.
*5 Please upgrade mobile phone software in case of malfunction.
*6 After turning on the Head Unit power, you need reconnection of bluetooth from cell-phone every time.
*7 It may not be available to play automatically even Bluetooth is reconnected.
*8 Temporary stop, stop, track up, FF, Track down and FB may not be available.
*9 Sound skip/Noise may be available. It is possible to improve by reconnecting.
*10 It not available to operate by navigation.
*11 Audio player does not resume automatically after call.
*12 It may keep displaying calling screen after call ended, please reset the navigation.
*13 Sound may be distorted.
*14 Bluetooth Audio may start automatically after call ends.
*15 The ringtone which is preset in navigation will come out instead of the ringtone transferred by mobile phone.
*16 Bluetooth may be disconnected when switch to private mode. Please reconnect them by manual when switch to handsfree mode.
*17 It may be necessary to disconnect Bluetooth connection by manual when transfer phonebooks.

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