BLT373 Mobile Phone Compatibility

This page supplies information about confirmed connectivity of the Bluetooth Interface Adapter BLT373 with various brands of mobile telephones.

  • The list of phones is not exhaustive and represents only the tested sample. If a phone is not listed, this does not necessarily mean that it will not work.
  • The results were obtained through testing under certain conditions at the factory. Actual results may be different when the products are used under different conditions and in different environments.
  • The list only reports the results of testing, but does not guarantee connectivity.
  • Only mobile phones which comply to the Bluetooth HFP (Hands Free Profile) standard are supported.
  • For information on operating the mobile phone, please refer to its documentation.

*1 Use phone to reconnect
*2 No ringtone through car speaker
*3 Call cannot be cancelled through BLT373
*4 Cannot transfer audio streaming to BLT373 automatically
*5 Cannot reject incomming call through BLT373
*6 Cannot end call using BLT373 button
*7 Cannot transfer call to phone
*8 Cannot transfer call to BLT373
*9 Disconnect automatically after a certain period of time
*10 Either stop or pause is available during audio streaming
*11 Cannot receive a call during audio streaming

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