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Full Digital Sound

Optical digital output for system upgradability

Thanks to the optical digital output, it is possible to use an optical cable to connect to external units such as Clarion's exclusive Full Digital Sound system or DSP devices to upgrade your system to digital. Connecting the source unit to Full Digital Sound system enables you to enjoy cutting-edge high-quality full digital end-to-end sound.

Click Here Full Digital Sound


Apple CarPlay™


Apple CarPlay makes driving as simple as talking

Operate your iPhone® functions from the large 7-inch monitor. Just connect your iPhone with its supplied cable, and you’ll be able to play music, send and receive messages, and a whole lot more, with simple touch and voice activation.


Enjoy safer, hands-free calling with Apple CarPlay. Since it works with Siri, you can access the phone’s stored contacts and easily make calls. Redialing and listening to stored voice messages can also be done by voice activation.



The power and simplicity of Apple Maps is now available on your dashboard. Apple CarPlay can predict where you most likely want to go using addresses from your email, test messages, contacts, and calendars. Maps will even estimate how long will take.


Siri affinity means you can play and enjoy the music on your iPhone just by saying the tune, artist name or genre, out loud. And since it supports Apple Music® as well, it’s easy to get and listen to the newest songs during your drive.



Apple CarPlay works with your iPhone apps, so your enjoyment is limitless including Music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, and beyond. Hands-free voice activation of apps is possible for safer operation while on the road.

Design Interface

User interface offers superior visibility and intuitive operation

The large, highly visible icons on the touch panel make the VX807AU extremely user friendly. Flick operation support enables you to scroll through map screens, music selection screens and more.



Sleek and sophisticated design

Physical operation buttons are lined up along the bottom of the VX807AU creating a simple clutter-free design. A solid black frame gives the unit a modern yet timeless look.

Smartphone connectivity


Intuitive iPhone audio playback provides the sort of functionality you're used to

Audio playback operations on the VX807AU offer the same simplicity as your iPhone. Album name and artwork as well as artist name are prominently displayed. Alphabet search allows you to tap in characters to search for artists, songs, etc. by name. Simply entering 1-3 characters of the item you're looking for offers quick results so you're doing less searching and more listening.

Please check for compatible mobile phone models here.

HDMI® mode — enjoy your apps on the big screen

Connecting your smartphone to the VX807AU's HDMI port allows what ever is on your phone to be displayed on the radio's large 7-inch screen.

Click Here for more smartphone and USB “connection methods.”


Pictures and videos taken on your smartphone can be enjoyed in your car.

Searching via the internet and music / video playback is also possible.


Enjoy Pandora® internet radio on the road

Pandora radio plays and functions just like it would on your smartphone. Create your own stations, view album artwork and song information and bookmark artists / tracks. Your feedback indicated by a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” reflects future song selections. This is all supported through the Pandora app on your smartphone.*

* VX807AU plays Android™ Phone via Bluetooth®
* Pandora internet radio on Android Phone cannot be used while Apple CarPlay is being used with a connected iPhone.
* On iPhone, Pandora is available through CarPlay app screen


Bluetooth for hands-free communication and audio streaming

Built-in Bluetooth provides hands-free voice communication, compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones. Safely communicate and drive at the same time.*1 Play music stored on a Bluetooth device*2, such as a mobile phone or a portable audio layer, with wireless connection. The pairing process is extremely easy as there is no need to input a complicated pass code on either device. To connect, all you need to do is confirm that the pass codes between the VX807AU and Bluetooth device match.

*1 Please use the supplied external microphone. VX807AU does not have an internal microphone. Bluetooth A2DP streaming cannot be used while Apple CarPlay is being used with a connected iPhone.

*2 Please refer to this for playback compatible Bluetooth devices.

Dual USB input

Dual rear USB for even more connectivity

Equipped with two USB terminals on the rear of the source unit, gives you access to entertainment from a variety of sources. Play music or video files stored on a USB flash memory.


Digital multimedia broadcasting

DAB ready (Optional DAB404E is required)

Simply installing the optional DAB receiver module DAB404E will give you access to higher quality audio and a wide selection of programming that is available with DAB digital radio.
*DAB ready

DAB receiver DAB404E




Add navigation to your system simply by inserting an optional microSD card

Simply insert the optional SD807AU or SD887AU microSD card into the microSD card slot of VX807AU and you instantly have a car navigation system, with no need to install a separate black box unit. In addition to detailed HERE™ Maps information, SD807AU and SD887AU also includes HERE™ Traffic Patterns to provide high-performance navigation to your destination. What’s more, the VX807AU is equipped with gyroscope and speed sensor to enable more precise navigation. The SD887AU also includes data for heavy vehicles such as trucks and motor homes so you can travel via the route that’s optimized for your type of vehicle.

Have it plot a route that avoids narrow roads and tunnels with low overhead clearance to get you safely to your destination.

* GPS antenna is supplied with VX807AU for easy upgrade. Please ensure GPS antenna is installed.

Click here for more information on SD807AU optional navigation
Click here for more information on SD887AU optional navigation

And so much more


Extensive media support for high-quality video and audio enjoyment

In addition to CDs and DVDs, the VX807AU also supports playback of music files stored on iPod® and iPhone, USB flash memory. The VX807AU uses a high-speed CPU to enable high-quality H.264 video as well as 24 bit / 192 kHz FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio files to be enjoyed in your car.


Variable colour key illumination

Multi-colour selection allows you to select the colour of your choice to match your car's instrument panel or your mood.


15 band graphic equaliser

Equipped with a full-featured 15 band graphic equaliser, you will enjoy superior control over the audio spectrum with frequency adjustments in the 25 Hz to 16 kHz range over fifteen bands. This gives you the power to get the most out of your sound system, and the ability to contour the sound output to your musical taste. Since the gain level can be adjusted for each source separately, you won’t need to adjust the volume every time you switch to a low-volume source such as the radio.


2-zone entertainment

This allows rear seat passengers to stay entertained with content, such as a DVD movie, while front seat passengers enjoy another source, such as their favourite radio station or music from a USB flash memory.

Built-in High Pass and Low Pass Filters

The VX807AU's internal High Pass and Low Pass filters allow your speakers to perform at the precise levels that they were meant to be heard. Enjoy bass with more muscle and highs with more clarity.


6-channel / 2-volt RCA output with subwoofer control

With 3 sets of RCA outputs, you can add external power amplifiers to further enhance your VX807AU system. In addition, independent volume control is enabled for the subwoofer so you can adjust the level of bass to your liking at any time, regardless of the output level of the other channels.

“Learning” steering wheel remote control

The source unit can be used with the vehicle’s steering wheel control. Its “learning” function enables programming of Volume up / down, Mute, Track up / down, Source selection, Phone answer / hang-up, and Siri operation. Keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and enjoy a comfortable, distraction free drive. 

*for non-CANBUS vehicles


Optional accessories

● CMOS Vision Assist Camera: CC520

● CMOS Vision Assist Camera with Audio: CC720

VX807_profile22 Remote control included
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