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Motor your way to the next recreational spot

The “brains” of car navigation on microSD card

Just insert the SD887AU into the micoSD card slot of the VX807AU and you have a high performance car navigation system providing turn-by-turn guidance, text-to-speech voice instructions and much more!


High-precision GPS navigation for trucks, motor homes and caravans

In addition to ordinary cars, you can select navigation for heavy vehicles like trucks, camping cars and motor homes. You can create your very own vehicle profiles for the exact dimensions of vehicle and what you’re towing. You might setup a profile for your 4WD towing the caravan, 4WD towing the boat or your Prime Mover and trailer. Depending on the setting, the suggested route will be optimised for your type of vehicle, taking vehicle height and width into consideration. Have it plot a route that avoids narrow roads and tunnels with low overhead clearance to get you safely to your destination.


High-precision vehicle positioning with gyro sensor and vehicle speed pulse sensor

The SD887AU utilises the high-precision gyro sensor of the VX807AU. This ensures that the displayed vehicle position is highly accurate even while driving through tunnels and other environments where GPS signals cannot reach. It also supports the vehicle speed pulse sensor that enables comprehension of direction and speed of vehicle travel, thereby helping to deliver higher-accuracy car positioning and navigation.


GPS navigation and Latest Map Guarantee

SD887AU uses the latest map information, the most widely used map for navigation, renowned for its accuracy and precision. Also comes with a “Latest Map Guarantee” allowing for you to update to latest map within 30 days at no charge.


4WD tracks, and much more with HERE™ Off-Road

HERE Off-Road provides the most comprehensive off-road content to find and navigate off-road courses with thousands of tracks across Austraria. With true 4WD Tracks, mines, scenic spots, camps and much more, you can experience the best of on-road and off-road navigation.

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