Clarion to Releases Revolutionary Mobile Internet Device in North America, Europe

ClarionMiND brings full-Internet experience to in-car market

Tokyo, Japan (September 24, 2008) – Clarion Co., Ltd, the pioneering global manufacturer of vehicle electronic devices, today announced that the ground-breaking ClarionMiND™ “Mobile Internet Navigation Device” standard model is being released in the U.S. and Canadian markets in early November this year and in the European market in late January, 2009. ClarionMiND is a next-generation mobile device that uses the power of the new Intel® Atom™ processor to deliver enhanced navigation and entertainment capabilities based on Internet connectivity.

ClarionMiND is the first device to integrate advanced navigation and PC-like entertainment capability in one portable unit, offering sophisticated features that include GPS navigation, high-speed Internet connection, and digital content access and management.

Multiple options for Internet connection – via WiFi at the home, office, or hot spots around town or Bluetooth® when paired with a mobile phone – allow users to access the latest information in real-time, wherever they are, while the compact but powerful Atom processor for ultra mobile devices and 4.8-inch WVGA (800×480) LCD touch screen display make it possible to enjoy the full range of Internet services. ClarionMiND has been customized to facilitate viewing of popular websites such as Google Maps™,YouTube™ and MySpace™.

Clarion’s in-car technology has also been applied to the optional in-vehicle docking station, enhancing the audio system in ways that current portable GPS navigation devices cannot. For example, the docking station allows users to route navigation audio and music files through their vehicle’s speaker system, and gives them access to real-time traffic information via Radio Data System - Traffic Message Channel (RDS-TMC).

ClarionMiND’s Human Mobile Music Media Interface, or Clarion H.M.I., offers a quick and intuitive user experience. The user interface benefits from know-how Clarion has accumulated over the years creating award-winning, best-in-class car audio systems and navigation devices. Since Clarion prioritizes driver safety, ClarionMiND also is equipped with a user interface that automatically locks pre-selected functions when the vehicle is in motion.

“ClarionMiND represents the perfect balance between leading-edge hardware technology and next-generation software solutions,” says Tatsuhiko Izumi, president of Clarion Co., Ltd. “Delivering an Intel Atom-powered full Internet experience that integrates the latest advances in navigation capability with multifaceted entertainment functions, the innovative ClarionMiND demonstrates our commitment to finding new ways to connect people with their music and information in a mobile environment.”

“The emerging Mobile Internet Device category delivers a full Internet experience across a range of market segments – information, entertainment, communication, and productivity -- in pocketable devices,” said Pankaj Kedia, director of Global Ecosystem Programs in Intel Corporation’s Ultra Mobility Group. “The ClarionMiND, based on the new high performance low power Intel Atom processor is targeted to deliver next generation real-time navigation and location services while bringing the rich Internet to MID users.”

In conjunction with the release of ClarionMiND, Clarion will launch a dedicated web portal – MyClarion ( – for American and European users. The web portal will offer ClarionMiND-related information and provide user support including user registration and software downloads.

The ClarionMiND standard model will be available for US$649.99/€649.99; please see the attachment for a complete list of specifications. A ClarionMiND Premium Model featuring 3G network compatibility is scheduled for release in Spring 2009.

About Clarion

Clarion Co.,Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo and consolidated subsidiary of Hitachi Group since 2006, is ranked by Automotive News as one of the top 100 global OEM suppliers. An international leader in car audio and electronics since 1940, Clarion is involved in the research, development, engineering, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of vehicle entertainment, navigation, communications and security products for the automotive and recreational vehicle environments, with marketing and sales affiliates in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Clarion is located on the Web at

ClarionMiND Features*

■Optimized UI

ClarionMiND’s user interface switches automatically from Mobile mode to Car mode when the unit is placed into the in-vehicle cradle. The user interface has been optimized for safety and convenience.

■Wireless Connectivity

At home, at work, all around town, ClarionMiND users can connect to the Internet via WiFi and Bluetooth (Dial-Up Networking profile)

■Full-Internet Browser

Unlike the limited display capabilities of other mobile devices, ClarionMiND’s FireFox®-based, Flash®-capable full browser and 480 x 800 pixel touch panel deliver a PC-style Internet experience.

■Customized YouTube, MySpace, Google Maps

ClarionMiND features special customized versions of popular social media websites YouTube and MySpace as well as the functional Google Maps application, making mobile viewing simple and easy.

ClarionMiND Standard Model Specifications

Hardware Features:

• 4.8 inch WVGA (800x480) LCD Display with touch screen

• Intel® AtomTM Architecture (800MHz)

• 512MB DRAM

• 4GB SSD Flash Memory for Storage

• Wi-Fi® (IEEE802.11 b/g)

• Bluetooth® 2.0 + EDR DUN(Dial-up Network Profile)

• SiRFstarIII GPS Module with 20-channel GPS Receiver

• Li-Ion Battery (Small Battery: 2 hours, Optional Large Battery: 4 hours)

• Built-In Amplifier & Speaker

• 3.5mm External Headphone Connector

• 2 USB Ports (Standard/Mini)

• microSD Card Slot

• One Touch Keys (Home, Control, Audio)

• Docking Station (NK1*1) Connector

• Stylus Pen

• Windshield and Dash Mount Kit Included

• Car Charger and AC Adapter Included

• RDS-TMC Traffic Ready (Optional Car Dock required) [Lifetime subscription for North American model (NR1U*2)]

Software Features:

Operating System

• Linux OS 2.6.22

Web Browsing

• Firefox-based, Flash-capable full browser


• Search for points of interest (POIs) on the world’s leading Map website and send them to ClarionMiND

• Complete coverage of U.S. and Canada [North American model (NR1U)]

• Coverage of major European countries [European model (NR1E*3)]

• GPS-based positioning

• Advanced map matching

• Assisted destination entry with Next Valid City, ZIP, city name, street, house number (major cities first)

• House number resolution for door-to-door navigation

• POI name and proximity search

• Extremely fast route calculation and rerouting

• Interactive 2D & 3D map view

• Super Smooth Movement and Automatic Zoom

• Split Screen

• Flexible routing options

• Visual lane guidance

• Display of static speed limits, time-restricted speed limits and audible speed warnings

• Cross-border routing

• Voice guidance and Text to Speech [English, Mexican Spanish and Canadian French for North American model (NR1U), about 10 European languages for European model (NR1E)]

RDS-TMC Traffic Information Service [Optional car docking station (NK1) required]

• Traffic avoidance setting

• Traffic message view

• Highlighted traffic events

• Audible announcement of traffic events


• Supports various music, videos and image formats. (RealAudio, Real Video,MP3, Windows Media 9, AAC, HE-AAC, Ogg, H.264, H.263, MPEG4,VC-1, JPEG, BMP)


• Selected feature of MySpace for Car and mobile use. Message arrival, Friends, Bulletin and Photos.


• Customized YouTube application. Easy to view and operate.

Google Maps Viewer

• Google Maps-specific application. User can view maps and satellite photos. Users can set navigation destinations.


• Weather Widget (by Quick Info Key) – Weather forecasts (up to 5 consecutive days)

• News Widget (by Quick Info Key) – User can set their favorite News Sources using the RSS news feed application.

Other Applications

• E-Mail

• Contacts

• Control Panel

• Connection Manager

• Note Pad

• File Manager

• Calculator

*1 Car Docking Station for ClarionMiND: NK1

*2 ClarionMiND North American Standard Model: NR1U

*3 ClarionMiND European Standard Model: NR1E

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