Featuring Jay Kay and VAD.HO in Key Visual to Implement 2008 Brand Communication Activities

With the aim of spreading and increasing recognition of the Clarion global brand, we will be featuring Jay Kay, vocalist of the world-famous jazz-funk band Jamiroquai, as well as the concept car VAD.HO* by Italdesign-Giugiaro, in the key visual we are using for our 2008 brand communication activities.

This new visual made its public debut at the Clarion Booth of the 2008 International CES, which was held in January of 2008. It is currently featured on the newly opened "Clarion + Jamiroquai Special Site", a global website where people everywhere can enjoy watching visual media that express the "seamless" concept of this year's key visual.

Aside from this, we plan to implement this visual in product catalogues as well as special events that are scheduled to take place in various locations.

To showcase the Clarion brand on the global market and to publicise "Human Mobile Music Media Interface — Clarion H.M.I.", the brand slogan expressing our desire to become an ideal interface for music and information in cars and other moving environments, in 2007 we featured Jay Kay and the Italdesign-Giugiaro concept car Moray, and used Jamiroquai's "Feel So Good (Knee Deep Remix)" in our brand communication activities.

We will be bolstering our drive to publicise our products and brand even further in this second stage in which the concept for our key visual is "seamless" (connecting the information society and mobile environments without any borders). In 2008 we will continue to use the tune "Feel So Good (Knee Deep Remix)" which conveys the image of being a step ahead and reflects what the Clarion brand aspires to be.

*The VAD.HO concept car made its debut at this year's Geneva Motor Show, where it drew attention for its hydrogen engine and other details that focused on future-readiness and eco-friendliness.

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