Clarion Releases the First-in-the-World Portable Digital Speakers; “ZP1”

Directly Reproducing Digital Sound Sources such as Smartphones and Portable Audios

Ultra-Low Power Consumption + Solar Battery Module enabling Enjoyment of High Quality Sound for Long Hours at Any Place Listeners Choose


Clarion Co., Ltd., (President: Mr. Tatsuhiko Izumi, hereinafter referred to as Clarion) releases the world first portable full digital speaker “ZP1” equipped with solar battery modules as a part of line-up of ”01DRIVE” series through exclusive home appliance stores and WEB stores. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is open and start of sales is early December.

Unlike the conventional speaker systems which convert digital sound source signals with D/A convertors and/or amplifiers, the “ZP1” products, released this time, employ a reproduction system that carries digital signals from the source to the speaker units totally digitally (Digital to Digital), and this enables enjoyment of high quality sound reproduction so close to the source sound. The system is ready for Bluetooth® and it expands listening experience of sounds from devices with Bluetooth functions such as Smartphones, PC and Portable Audios, in living rooms, bed rooms, balcony and/or parks, wherever the listener chooses without any wire connection. Although the appearance of the system is stylish, compact and slim, it is constructed with 3 speakers, capable of 30-hour continuous operation (driven with built-in batteries) and equipped fully with other functionalities such as, among others, solar battery module recharging function.

Incidentally, “01DRIVE” series products of full digital speaker systems, which Clarion releases ahead of others in the world, will have two lines; vehicle-mounted products and portable products introduced here.

Name Model Name Manufacturer’s
Retail Price
Start of Sales
Portable Full Digital Speakers
with Solar Battery Modules
ZP1 Open Price Early December

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Main Features of the Portable Full Digital Speakers

Full digital sound reproduction using Clarion’s unique technologies of driving speakers directly in an fine and delicate manner.

Full digital carrying of signals from digital audio source to speaker units is realized. This reproduction system, unlike conventional digital amplifiers, drives speakers directly and in a fine and delicate manner by means of oversampling (44.1 kHz x 256fs = 11 MHz), digitally modulating the digital signals of sound source and outputting multiple converted digital signals from the multi D-Class drivers*. These designs enable high quality reproduction with high fidelity to original source sound.


Note * : Digital signal processing employs Dnote technology of Trigence Semiconductor.

Bluetooth® Ready

With devices which have Bluetooth functions, the listener can enjoy wireless reproduction from these devices any place, in the living room, bed room, balcony and/or park, within the range of 10 meters (33 feet).

Well Balanced Friendly-to-Ear Sound with Stylish Design and 3-Speaker Construction

Despite the slim size/weight of 192(W)x115(D)x39(H) mm/550 g, easy to be carried with one hand, the system is equipped with thin aluminum cone micro-speakers for center, left and right positions which performs well balanced, friendly-to-ear reproduction. The appearance of gentle wave-shape combined with gray and black expresses feeling of high quality product.

30 Hours Long Operation Possible with Ultra-Low-Power-Consumption Design

The 11 MHz super high speed driving circuitry and 3-channel parallel driving answer the severe requirements for portable device. These arrangements make it possible to suppress the power consumption to about 1/3rd (of conventional devices). With this, 30 long hours operation is possible with built-in batteries. Generation of unwanted heat and power consumption is avoided through multiple driving of speakers with D-Class drivers, realizing the structure without heat-sinks.

Solar Battery Modules and Lithium Batteries

Selective use of solar battery modules and built-in Lithium batteries makes enjoyment of the system easily in various scenes and occasions. With 3 hours recharging with solar battery modules, operation of about 1 hour is possible. When music reproduction is switched off, it is possible to supply power to Smartphones via USB port. For operation in places where solar battery modules can not be used, charging of built-in batteries is possible also via USB port.


Model Number MG-1100A-A
System ZP1
Input Bluetooth
Bluetooth Range About 10 m (33 feet) (depends on environment) CLASS2
Speaker Unit Diameter 32 mm Aluminum Diaphragm x 3 pieces
Practical Max. Output Total 4.2 W
Continuous Operation Appx. 30 hours (operated only with fully charged built-in batteries)
Solar Battery Modules Recharging Possible to operate for appx. 1 hour with 3 hours of recharging (depends on environment and conditions)
Operating Temperature 0~40℃
Power Supply Built-in Lithium Batteries, External AC Adapters
Recharging Time Appx. 5 hours
Outside Dimensions 192(W)×115(D)×39(H) mm (including rubber damper)
Weight 550g (Appx. 1.2 pounds)

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