Clarion Releases 01DRIVE Series, the World First Full Digital AV Navigation/Speaker System

“Digital High Quality Sound” and drastic “Low Power Consumption” are Achieved: Full Digital Signal Processing ensures Enjoyment of Superb Quality Sound with High (Frequency) Response


Clarion Co., Ltd., (President: Mr. Tatsuhiko Izumi; hereinafter referred to as Clarion) starts sales of the first products of “01DRIVE” series, “Z8/Z17F”, Vehicle Mounted Full Digital AV Navigation/Speaker System from beginning of December. This first-in-the-world system employs technologies of full digital processing throughout the total path from audio sources to speakers. Manufacturer's suggested retail price is set at 288,750 yen (tax inclusive).

The “Z8/Z17F” comprises from an AV Navigation System compatible with full digital speakers and a Full Digital Front Speaker System (a set of four speakers). The product combines Clarion's long year expertise of in-vehicle audio technologies with Dnote* digital signal processing technology, by carrying digital source signals of, for example CD, directly to speakers digitally, digital source quality can be reproduced in the same high quality level with speakers, without amplifiers.


Note * : Digital signal processing employs Dnote technology of Trigence Semiconductor.

Main features are, “ultra low power consumption” with power consumption which is 1/8th of conventional analog systems, “ultra low power supply voltage” of system being driven with less than 5 v, 1/2 of normal power supply voltage, “pure, full digital high quality reproduction” enabled by full digital carrying of signals and direct driving of speakers, “ultimate reproduction of sound source” with 256X oversampling +11Mhz driving, and “Power Digital Line Carrier System” another first in the world supply power/digital signal superposed carrying system, to name a few. For consumers who want the enjoyment of front/rear speaker system, Clarion offers a full digital rear speaker system “Z17R” (a set of 2 speakers) at manufacturer’s suggested price of 73,500 yen (tax inclusive).

The “Z8/Z17F” which are put into market this time are designated for use in Prius/Prius α, PHV, Alphard and Vellfire. By simple choice of parameters best tuned for each of specific car models in the parametric equalizer with the AV Navigation System, it offers the best sound field and quality specific to each model without having to go through complicated sound field compensation adjustments.

Clarion shall expand by and by these car specific parameters for users mainly of hybrid and/or electric vehicles and/or vehicles with stop-idling at stand still so this system can be enjoyed by more users who wish to enjoy high quality sound reproduction without worrying about power consumption.

Clarion, further, intends to enhance the lineup of “01DRIVE” series products in the future.

* Names of companies and products mentioned in this document are those trademarks and/or registered trademarks of respective companies.

Name Model Name Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (tax inclusive) Date of Start of Sales
In-Vehicle Full Digital AV Navigation/Speaker System Z8/Z17F 288,750 yen Beginning of December
Full Digital Rear Speaker System
(set of 2 speakers)
Z17R 73,500 yen Beginning of December

Main Features of “Z8/Z17F”

Full digital sound reproduction using Clarion’s unique technologies of vibrating speakers directly in an fine and delicate manner

Full digital carrying of signals from digital audio source to speaker units is realized. This reproduction system, unlike conventional digital amplifiers, drives speakers directly and in fine and delicate manner by means of oversampling (44.1 kHz x 256fs = 11 MHz) and digitally modulating the digital signals of sound source, and outputting from the multi D-Class drivers with conversion to multiple digital signals*. The 256 X oversampling and 11 MHz driven multi driver circuits enable high quality reproduction with high fidelity to original source sound.

Note * : Conversion to digital signals: Digital signal processing employs Dnote technology of Trigence Semiconductor.

Multi-drive D-class Driver (1-chip LSI)

This enables energy saving and high purity reproduction with super-high speed and low power consumption driving. Highly efficient multi-drive circuits make possible small size driver unit without heat sink.

Independent Dual Drive System for Woofers and Tweeters

By employing independent filter circuits for woofers and tweeters, detailed and fine audio tuning becomes possible. Interference of woofer outputs to tweeters is eliminated.

256 x Oversampling

This enables digital to digital direct drive reproduction (without D/A conversion) FDMD (Full Digital Multi Drive) driving digital sound source information without reducing its contents with D/D converter circuit (Dnote).

Full Digital Co-axial 2-way Speakers

This new construction multi units (WF+TW) offer high sound reproduction quality with independent driving for woofers and tweeters.

Multi-Voice Coil Structure

This structure carries multiple digital driving signals directly to voice coils inducing precise cone strokes.

This structure makes it possible to achieve driving and high power reproduction with low supply voltage and low power consumption by synthesizing driving forces.

Aluminum Horn Type Stabilizer Structure

Audio horn effect of tweeters realizes clear reproduction of high frequency. Further, shield effects by the aluminum panel and die-cast bridge structure shut out completely the influence of outside noise. Dedicated shielded harnesses are employed for digital signal inputs.

PMI-BAF (Black Aramid Fiber) Dual Layer Cone

Dual layer light weight and high rigidity structure cones of PMI and BAF sheets deliver reproduction of low distortion heavy low range and rich mid range.

Horn Design Pure Soft-dome Tweeter

Combination with full digital co-axial 2 way speakers delivers reproduction of mid range with rich sound pressure and expanding high range.

Unique and High Quality Design only Possible with the First-in-the-World System

Impressive design exposing bridge structure (aluminum horn type stabilizer) and using aluminum material for every design part from frame, bridge to champaign-gold bridge cover (aluminum panel) , make high sound quality and high quality feeling compatible.


Full Digital Speaker Ready, Smart Access Link Wide 7” VGA Terrestrial Digital TV Receiver/DVD/SD AV Navigation System

Product Model Z8
System Standard / Capacity SD 20GByte
(16GByte + 4GByte)
Main Uni Monitor Wide 7” VGA
Face-panel Width 171mm
GPS Reception Number 12ch
Operations Touch Panel
Remote Control ● (Optional)
Genuine Part Steering Remote Control ● *
Menu Simple Touch Menu
Variety Screen -
Multi Language
(Menu Display Switching) Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (simplified)
Terrestrial Digital TV 12-segment/One-segment ● Built-in (4x4)
One-segment Tuner -
Search for Relay Stations/Network Stations ● (Smooth-search for Relay Stations)
(Ready for VR Mode)
● *
MP3/WMA/AAC (SD Memory Card)
MP3/WMA/AAC (USB Memory)
iPod/iPhone Music Reproduction (Connection via USB Terminal)
Ready for iPod Album Artwork
Sound Setting Dolby Volume -
G-EQ ● (6-band)
P-EQ -
Intelligent Tune (Sound Restorer)
Intelligent Tune (Virtual Bass)
Intelligent Tune (Volume Smoother)
Intelligent Tune (Vocal Image Control)
Volume Setting Responding to Vehicle Speed
Music Catcher Max. Number of Music (Piece) Recording Max. 4,000 Numbers (of Music Pieces)
Storage Hardware of Recorded Data SD (Packaged with the Unit) (4GByte)
CD Recording Speed 4 x Recording
Auto-Title Appx. 220,000 Albums
Search by Artist Name
Map Display (2D/3D Map)
Highway Mode/City Mode
Picture View
Number of Areas of Included City Maps 1,232 Cities
Navi/Navi 2 Screen 1:01
Navi/AV 2 Screen
地Selection of Map Character Size Large/Medium/Small
Used Data Base Made by Zen-rin
Free Map Updating ● (3 years)
Incremental Map Updating (WEB Updating) ●*
Route Search Multiple Routes Max. 5 Routes
Save-energy Routes
Congestion Prediction Routes
Routes with Bypass Considerations -
Bypass Assistance -
Use of On Line Traffic Information
Display of Estimated Arrival Time
Smart IC
Bypass Display
Search for Narrow Streets (Door to Door) Voice Guidance
Setting of Intermediate Destination (Stopping-by Locations) Max. 5 Locations
Route Learning
Search for Detour Routes
Route Guidance Number of Lane Guidance Sheets Appx. 100,000 Sheets
Junction Guidance Appx. 3,100 Junctions/4,900 Sheets
Direction Sign Guidance Appx. 34,000 Signs (by Entrance Directions)
Illustration Display of Ordinary Cross-roads
Display of Highway Entrance 880 Entrances/Apps. 880 Sheets
Displays of Highway Fares/Estimated Arrival Time/One-way Streets
Route Confirmation
Track Display
Illustrated Guidance of SA/PA -
Warnings of Frequent Thefts -
ETC-lane Guidance ●*
Switching/Selection of Guidance Voices
Slide Show of Nearby Sightseeing Spots -
Search Telephone Number (“Town-page) Search (number of phone numbers) Appx. 8.5 million
Private Phone Number Search (number of phone numbers) Appx. 30 million Numbers
Address Search (number of addresses) Appx. 35 million addresses
Selection of Adjacent Administrative Regions (‘To’, ‘Do’, ‘Fu’ and/or ‘Ken’) (Addresses)
Phonetic Sign Search (number) Appx. 8.5 million
Input Assistance for Phonetic Signs/Key-word (Ambiguous) Search
Free Word Search (number) -
TV Search ●*
Search by Location Name/Facility Name
Category/Vicinity Search (number of categories) 1,300 Categories
Parking Place “Near-pin”
Search by “Mapple Code” -
Search for Sightseeing Destination Information (“Search by Accompanying Party” / “Best Season Search”) -
Best Drive Spot Search -
Search by Past Records 100 Records
Search by Route Side/Longitude & Latitude
Memory Registration Location Registration 400 Locations
SD/SCHC Memory Card 4,500 Items
Home Registration
VICS FM Multiplex (Levels 1~3, Built-in)
Route Search considering Congestion ●*
"Eco" Functions Ecology Display
CARDGET Pre-installed Applications (e-Fuel Consumption, Beauty Clock)
Application Downloading
Smartphone Ready iPhone Ready ●*
Bluetooth Data Communication
Hands-Free Phone
SD/SDHC Memory Cards Location Back-up ●*
Customization of Opening Display
Downloaded Voice/Customized Voice
Addition of CDDB Title Information (SD Card/On Line)
"MY Tour” (Acquisition of Picture View Data)
"MY Spot”/"MY Course”
Expandability/Others USB Data Communication Module
iPod Connection Terminals (VIDEO Direct) Optional Cable necessary*
4ch Pre-Output/Sub-woofer Output Terminal ●*
VTR Input/2-Zone Output Terminal ●*
Video Output
AUX (3.5 mm) Input Terminal -
Rear Vision (Rear-View) Camera Connection Terminals
ETC Connection Terminals
DSRC Connection Terminals
Beacon Connection Terminals
Anti-Theft Functions
Navigation Section GPS Reception Frequency 1,575.42 MHs (C/A Code)
GPS Sensitivity Better than -160dBm
GPS Channels Parallel 12 Channels
LCD Monitor Section Screen Size 7”
Number of Pixels 1,152,000 Pixels
Driving System TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Active Matrix Driving System
CD/DVD Player Section Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz
S/N Ratio 80dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (Ratio) 0.05% (1kHz)
12-Segment/One-Segment Tuner Section Receiving Channels UHF13~62ch
FM Tuner Section Receiving Frequency 76.0MHz~90.0MHz
Practical Sensitivity 8dBμV
AM Tuner Section Receiving Frequency 522kHz~1,629kHz
Practical Sensitivity 30dBμV
Equalizer Section G EQ 6-Band G-EQ
(Basic Modes: 6, User Modes: 3)
POSITION Balance/Fader
Bluetooth Section Receiving Frequency 2402MHz~2480MHz
(Steps of 1 MHz)
Sensitivity -70dBm or Better
Common Supply Voltage DC14.4V
Grounding Method Minus Grounding
Current Consumption Appx. 4.0 A (at CD 1W Output)
Dimensions 178(W)×100(H)×182.3(D)mm
(Installation Depth: 158.3 (D) mm)
Weight 3.0kg

As for items with *, there are certain limiting conditions. Please confirm details.

Full Digital Front Speaker System

Product Model Z17F
Co-Axial Speaker Speaker System Full Digital 17 cm Co-axial 2-Way Speaker (set of 2)
Units Used 17cm PMI-BAF Dual Layer Cone (Woofer)
2cm Pure Soft Dome (Tweeter)
Dimensions 172(W) x 166(H) x 74(D)mm (without input cable)
Dimensions below Fixing Panel (Installation Depth) 134(W) x 134(H) X 57.5(D)mm
Weight (per unit) 1,020g
Others High Rigidity Sound Baffle (packaged together)
Tweeter Speaker System Full Digital Dome Tweeter (set of 2)
Units Used 2cm Pure Soft Dome
Dimensions 41.5(W) x 41.5(H) x 26.5(D)mm
When fixed to Tweeter Fixture 41.5(W) x 48(H) x 51(D)mm
Weight (per unit) 56g
Others Fixtures and Installation Brackets packaged together
Driver Unit Driver Unit Full Digital Driver Unit (2 each for each of left and right channels)
Dimensions 107.8(W) x 24.4(H) x 47.8(D)mm
Weight 100g
Rated Output (Woofer) 0.93W x 6 Drivers x 2 ch. (Multiple Driving)
Rated Output (Co-axial Tweeter) 0.93W x 2ch
Rated Output (Separate Tweeter) 0.93W x 2ch
Max. Output (Woofer) 1.39 W x 6 drivers x 2 ch. (Multiple Driving)
Max. Output (Co-axial Tweeter) 1.39W x 2ch
Max. Output (Separate Tweeter) 1.39W x 2ch
Effect Section Digital Crossover + 5 Band P-EQ
Power Supply 10.8 to 15.6 Volts
Current Consumption 0.05A/0.21A (1 ch.) (at Stand-by/at 1 W Output)
THD+N (20kHz AE-17filter) 0.08%(Non-NFB) at 1kHz
S/N (A-weighted) 115dB
Channel Separation 115dB

Full Digital Rear Speaker System

Product Model Z17R
Co-axial Speaker Speaker System Full Digital 17 cm Co-axial 2-Way Speaker (set of 2)
Units Used 17 cm PMI-BAF Dual Layer Cone (Woofer)
2 cm Pure Soft Dome (Tweeter)
Dimensions 172(W) x 166(H) x 74(D)mm (without input cable)
Dimensions below Fixing Panel (Installation Depth) 134(W) x 134(H) X 57.5(D)mm
Weight (per Unit) 1,020g
Others High Rigidity Sound Baffle (packaged together)
Driver Unit Driver Unit Full Digital Driver Unit (each for left and right channels)
Dimensions 107.8(W) x 24.4(H) x 47.8(D)mm
Weight 100g
Rated Output (Woofer) 0.93W x 6 Driver x 2 ch. (Multiple Driving)
Rated Output (Co-axial Tweeter) 0.93W x 2ch
Max. Output (Woofer) 1.39W x 6 Driver x 2 ch. (Multiple Driving)
Max. Output (Co-axial Tweeter) 1.39W x 2ch
Effect Section Digital Crossover + 5 Band P-EQ
Power Supply 10.8 to 15.6 Volts
Current Consumption 0.05A/0.21A(1ch)
THD+N (20kHz AE-17filter) 0.08%(Non-NFB) at 1kHz
S/N (A-weighted) 115dB
Channel Separation 115dB

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