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Always connected with Smart Access

Use your voice to operate a variety of functions

Clarion Intelligent VOICE™ uses Google™ voice recognition technology to enable information search and destination setting. What’s more, it is possible to connect with your Google account, which will enable you to access mail and calendar to check your email and have NX505E read out loud, as well as check your schedule just by talking.

Even if you mess up a word here or there, it still understands you

You can search for anything that comes to mind, just like you do on your PC or smartphone. Even if you only half-remember something or mispronounce it, Clarion Intelligent VOICE™ searches through a wealth of up-to-date Google local search information and presents to you the candidates that are the closest phrases. Unlike past systems that required precise wording, this new technology allows more natural language to find your destination.

Robust GPS navigation keeps you on track

Built-in mapping knows where you are and helps get you where you want to go. Choose from numerous points of interest or set your own destination. Touch screen operation makes it all incredibly easy.

Make every trip more entertaining


Play DVDs and CDs. Listen to music files stored on your iPod®, iPhone®, or USB memory. It’s like having a multimedia home entertainment centre… only it’s not in your home! 

Keep having fun whether you’re blazing down a highway or stuck in traffic.

Clarion’s original sound technology “Intelligent Tune”

Intelligent Tune features Clarion’s sound technologies to turn the car interior into an excellent listening environment. These include Vocal Image Control to freely move the vocal to a specific seat in the car, as well as Virtual Stage Enhancer to recreate the acoustic characteristics of a stage performance, making just about any source sound like a live concert. Also included are Sound Restorer and Virtual Bass.
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