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3.5-inch monitor for comfortable viewing

The large 3.5-inch monitor allows easy viewing of a variety of digital audio/video sources. Playback and enjoy DVDs, DivX encoded discs, as well as iPod Video*. Enjoy the latest wave in marine entertainment — the same digital sources you like to enjoy on land!

Comprehensive audio and video entertainment

CMV1 is Clarion’s first model in the marine category to offer visual entertainment capabilities. It is compatible with a wide array of formats such as DVD and DivX® for audio visual, and WMA/AAC and MP3 for your audio pleasure. It’s able to offer a comprehensive AV entertainment experience.

BBE® MP for better sounding MP3/WMA/AAC files

BBE MP (Minimised Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation) Process improves digitally compressed sound such as MP3/WMA/AAC by restoring the harmonics that are lost through compression, thereby reproducing the warmth, details and nuances that you would otherwise miss. BBE MP enhanced harmonics even serve to make regular CDs sound better.
• BBE MP Process
 This diagram illustrates the BBE MP effect
 * This function is only available for USB mode.

• Manufactured under license from BBE Sound, Inc.

• Licensed by BBE Sound, Inc. under one or more of the following US patents : 5510752, 5736897. BBE and BBE symbol are registered trademarks of BBE Sound, Inc.

24-bit D/A converter for richer natural sound

Whereas the digital realm is made up of unnaturally square sound waves, Clarion’s 24-bit D/A converter takes digital signals and recreates the smoothly undulating sound waves characteristic of the real-world environment.

Bluetooth® interface

Keep your mobile phone or Bluetooth Audio enabled playback device safe and sound in your pocket while enjoying crystal-clear sound through the optional BLT373 Bluetooth transceiver.
Watertight flip-down face reveals loading slot for CD and DVD playback.
Rear USB connector with iPod® control
Rear USB connector even supports playback of WMA/MP3/AAC files.
6-channel audio pre-out for system expantion
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