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Feature packed compact camera offers incredible range and illumination

This super-wide rear vision camera for RCA-input monitors has your back covered

Super-wide field of view for maximum safety

Whether you're a brand new driver or just in search of a little assistance while reverse parking, you'll feel at ease with the wide 160 degree rear viewing angle offered by the CC720.

Extremely high sensitivity, courtesy of clarion's lens and sensor

CC720's 0.1 lux CMOS sensor contains over 348,000 active pixels. Images are consistently crystal clear and free of smear effects. Enjoy perfect visibility, even at night!

Built-in mic allows you to audibly check what's behind you

Within its compact body, the CC720 houses an external microphone. When backing out of a parking space or your driveway, you'll not only be able to see what's behind you, but also hear what's behind you. This is especially helpful when children may be around.

A rear view camera offers safety and comfort in a variety of everyday situations

From parking structures and shopping malls to residential driveways, a wide rear viewing angle can help you avoid accidents, especially in high traffic areas.

Defeatable distance guide lines (red, orange, yellow, green) make parking a cinch

By connecting the CC720 to a Clarion navigation multimedia unit, you'll be able to view different coloured guide lines to indicate the distance from your vehicle to a safe stopping point.

True / mirror image switching function

The CC720 is capable of providing true or mirror images based on where you choose to mount it. By mounting on the front of your vehicle, you'll see a true image. By mounting on the back of your vehicle, you'll see a mirror image.
For NX807E / NX706E / NX706EC / NX405E / NX405EC or all other monitors with NTSC video / audio input and reverse gear connection
1. Connect to +12V switched accessory (red wire)
2. Connect to chassis ground (black wire)
3. Connect to video (RCA yellow) and audio
(RCA white) inputs
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