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Navigation and entertainment geared for the long haul

Built-in navigation system optimised for heavy vehicles

NX502ETRK features a built-in navigation system with turn-byturn voice prompts, map coverage of 47 countries, among which 37 countries map data content optimised assistance to truckers. This includes POIs such as Truck Petrol Stations, Truck Dealers, Truck Restaurants and Truck Stops. Also contributing to safe driving is a comprehensive set of physical restrictions, legal restrictions and other warnings that are unique to truck traffic.

Latest Map Guarantee (LMG)

Owners can download the latest map data from our dedicated web portal. The first download is free of charge, providing it is done within 30 days of the product receiving its first GPS signal.This guarantees that you will be using the most up to date map data available for route planning and guidance. Notice: In order to make this download possible, the product must first be registered on https://clarion.naviextras.com/shop/portal

SDHC card compatible

The NX502ETRK supports a wide variety of media to bring video and audio entertainment into your car.

And with SDHC card compatibility, you can enjoy even more portability with playback of files stored on this commonly available high-capacity memory card.


Flick operation makes control more intuitive than ever

The interactive touch screen supports flick operation, so you can quickly scroll to another menu page. Sound familiar? Yes, it operates just like a smartphone screen. Plus, feature icons are animated for an enhanced appearance, and can be dragged and dropped into different positions to customise the way you want.

Parrot Bluetooth for hands-free communication, access to phonebook and audio streaming

Built-in Parrot Bluetooth provides hands-free telephone communication, with comprehensive compatibility to a variety of mobile phones. With a built-in microphone and Phonebook access, you can safely talk and drive at the same time. Play music stored on your mobile phone with Bluetooth audio streaming.

* Dependent on mobile phone.
* Please see our website for details of compatible Bluetooth mobile phones.


Made for iPod and Made for iPhone for seamless integration

Made for iPod and Made for iPhone certified, so you can enjoy the convenience of iPod/iPhone ABC Search to quickly access tunes, with a simple control mode to allow operation using the iPod/iPhone controls. Album Artwork is displayed to visually enhance interactivity.

* For audio playback, please use the USB cable provided with your iPod / iPhone.
* For video playback, an optional CCA750 cable is required.
* Please see our website for details of compatible iPod / iPhone models.


Watch a wide variety of visual content with DVD/MP4 compatibility

In addition to store-bought and rental DVDs, you can also watch home-burned DVDs and MP4 files. So compatible video files recorded using a camcorder or smartphone can be stored on SD card or DVD-R disc and viewed on the head unit. Make your own entertainment!

DAB ready (DAB302E sold separately is requried.)

Simply installing the optional DAB receiver module DAB302E will give you access to higher quality audio and a wide selection of programming that is available with DAB digital radio.

728 variable colour illumination

You’re free to select the exact colour you want, to match your car’s instrument panel or match your mood today.

2-zone entertainment

This allows rear seat passengers to enjoy a DVD movie or iPod Video while the front seat passengers enjoy their favourite radio station or music from a USB memory device.

Beat EQ for user customisable sound

In addition to providing 3 preset equalisation patterns — BASS BOOST, IMPACT and EXCITE — Clarion’s Beat EQ allows you the freedom to customise the level and range of the bass, midrange and treble portions of each pattern. You can adjust the sound to your liking, depending on the genre of music, for a more fulfilling listening experience.

Built-in high pass and low pass filters

The internal High Pass and Low Pass Filters allow your music to be played at the precise levels that they were meant to be heard. Enjoy bass with more muscle and highs with more clarity.

24-bit D/A converter

Fully enjoy the sonic impact of DVD movie soundtracks or music videos. 24-bit technology actually oversamples the digital signal, providing excellent results that just weren’t possible with older 16-bit systems.

4V / 6-channel audio pre-out makes it easy to expand and upgrade

With 3 sets of RCA outputs, with 2 channels each, you are free to add external power amplifiers to create a more powerful, sophisticated audio system. What’s more, the 4-volt output ensures a pure, high quality signal for the entire sound system.


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