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*Requires GPS antenna (supplied with VX807AU)


Latest map guarantee


MicroSD map storage with easy map updates for worry-free navigation

Simply insert the SD807AU microSD card into the microSD card slot of VX807AU and you instantly have a car navigation system providing advanced turn-by-turn guidance, text-to-speech voice instructions and much more. No need to install a separate black box unit. Data updates can be done easily through the Clarion website, so you can always navigate based on the latest information available.

Smart, simple and direct control

Touch panel controls enable you to access information at the touch of a fingertip. Layouts are devised to enable instantaneous display of desired information, while detailed information can easily be called up with a light touch.


3D rendering for added realism and driving accuracy

Comfort and clear instructions promote safe driving, which is why SD807AU offers route guidance with detailed map views. Many cities are represented with 3D buildings, landmarks and monuments, depicting their actual physical shape and reflecting the elevation of the landscape. This makes the vicinity more recognisable at a glance, contributing to a more intuitive and safer driving experience.

3D city map:

City streets are easier to follow since buildings close to you are drawn transparently to avoid obstructing the next intersection.

3D landmarks:

Landmarks are superimposed 3-dimensionally on maps, realistically showing key points along your travel route.

POIs preloaded to make finding your destination easy

Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a bite or fill your tank, the extended POI database will make it easy to find a suitable location. National parks, petrol stations, restaurants, you name it, are selectable with a simple touch.


Junction View keeps you travelling down the right lane

The system shows which lanes allow you to exit and which ones continue ahead. All lanes on the same road segment are rendered, with the lane you need to take highlighted. On the motorway, this information in enhanced by an extremely clear representation of actual signposts on the road.

POIs preloaded to make finding your destination easy

Smart Traffic is a built-in historical traffic database which in every route calculation, automatically takes into account that certain roads and motorways are congested at varying times on certain days, ensuring smart and efficient routing to your destination.

In addition, Safer driving is made possible by including safety alerts as you drive. This includes speed limits, school zones, accident black spots, red light cameras, safety cameras, time-over-distance cameras, speed cameras and town entry points.


Gyro sensor and speed pulse sensor for highprecision car navigation

The SD807AU utilises the high-precision gyro sensor of the VX807AU that enables the vehicle’s location to be followed even in long tunnels and other places where GPS reception is poor. What’s more, speed pulse sensor is also supported to provide even higher-accuracy car navigation guidance.

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