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Clarion's SRV250 Subwoofer : an auto accessory with plenty of puff !


Live life at full blast with Clarion! The in-car multimedia electronic equipment specialist presents the SRV250, an amplified subwoofer that's powerful but compact. The SRV250 gives music lovers high-quality sound, making your car journeys more dynamic.
Booming bass with improved sound quality
The SRV250 is an amplified subwoofer that features a built-in MOS-FET power amp with 150 W maximum output. This cutting-edge technology includes a 16.5 cm AMI-PP cone to eliminate vibrations and any unwanted resonance. The SRV250 is equipped with a wired remote control so you can adjust the sound from the driver's seat, leaving you in complete control of the sound settings. Listening quality is thereby amplified without neglecting safety, as the driver can still keep an eye on the road.
A small but beefy subwoofer !
The SRV250 is small in size but big on power! Its low profile and weight of just 2.5 kg mean that the SRV250 can slip into the smallest of spaces, such as under the passenger seat, revealing the subtleties of your favourite music. Available in titanium silver and matt black, the SRV250 adds a modern touch to your car's interior and will surprise you with its durability. The AMI-PP cone is injection-moulded and made of high-quality aramid fibre and polypropylene. So you can wind your way along all the roads in the world without succumbing to monotony !




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  5. Clarion's SRV250 Subwoofer : an auto accessory with plenty of puff !

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