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EISA announced MAX678RVD European In Car A/V Head Unit 2007-2008


The new flagship of the Clarion multimedia system series, MAX678RVD (European version of MAX676VD) had won the accolades of journalist critics for its exceptional performance. Announced by the prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), the Clarion MAX678RVD has recently been voted the European Best In Car A/V Head Unit 2007 – 2008. The specialized journalists of EISA rate the Clarion MAX678RVD as follows: The double-DIN format solved the challenge of combining essential audio and video components within a single chassis body, and operating them with a large LCD screen. The next challenge has been achieving equally high quality in audio and video components - and Clarion has unquestionably risen to the challenge with the MAX678RVD. Audio quality is impressive from conventional CD and DVD video, thanks to a multibit D/A converter. The large LCD screen is a rare combination of high resolution, brightness, contrast and realistic colour reproduction. Excellent ergonomics and a stylish design - so hard to achieve with such confined space around the screen - make this a hands-down winner.“

Product Specification

- 2-DIN Multimedia-Station

- 7“ 16:9 TFT-Touchscreen with 336.960 dots

- DVD player inclusive MP3 and WMA-playback from DVD

- RDS and digital tuner - Ce-NET controller

- Bluetooth compatible

- iPod and iPod Video compatible

- iPod interface

- HDD navigation control

- 4x 50 Watt amplifier

- IR remote control

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