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FX503E and NX503E by Clarion: two high-quality gifts for a well-connected car!


Clarion, the in-car multimedia electronic equipment specialist, offers the ideal gift with its two new multimedia stations, the FX503E and the NX503E. Connecting your car to your mobile devices is now child's play! These must-have, highly useful gifts enable users to stay in touch with their favourite apps that they have downloaded onto their smartphones, all in complete safety. Christmas 2013 will be remembered as the year you stayed connected!
Two travel companions that meet every driver's needs
A highly connected 2-DIN multimedia station, the FX503E is an awesome gift that will delight any car driver! Acting as an extension of your smartphone, the FX503E uses Smart Access technology so you can enjoy your favourite apps in the car: Facebook, weather, news etc. This up-to-the-minute product also offers a high-quality audio experience for all of the car's passengers thanks to its Intelligent Tune technology, which gives increased control of audio quality (virtual bass, reproduction of compressed sounds etc.).
With the same range of features as the FX503E, the NX503E multimedia station has the same specifications as the smaller model, along with a few very useful additional features: an integrated navigation system with map data covering 47 European countries, and buttons backlit in a choice of 728 colours. Its large 6.2-inch multi-touch screen makes map-reading easier, for smooth, easy driving.
The road to safety 
The FX503E and NX503E are two technological marvels that offer high-quality entertainment for every trip. Nonetheless, Clarion has not forgotten about driver safety: these two multimedia stations are both equipped with a Bluetooth module and a built-in microphone. You can also copy over your phone's address book and call log, so that the caller's name is displayed when receiving a call. This way, calls can be made and received in complete safety!




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