• DVD Video Playback
  • Compact Disc Text
  • Made for iPod iPhone
  • Bluetooth
  • HD Radio READY
  • Sirius Satellite Radio DC
  • MP3 WMA
  • USB
  • Bluetooth External Mic.
  • Built-in Navigation
  • Built-in POIs
  • Text To Speach
  • FM AM
  • Subwoofer Control
  • 24-Bit D/A Converter: Music Reproduction at Its Best
  • 40W×4 HIGH POWER
  • Rear Vision Camera
  • 2V/6ch Output
  • AUX Input
  • QVGA Color LCD Monitor
  • Touch Panel
  • OEM Remote Ready


  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Rear USB
  • Bluetooth External Mic Optional
  • Built-in POIs : 12 Million
  • 36 FM / 12 AM
  • Front AUX 1 AV / Rear AUX 1 AV Input
  • LCD Monitor : 6.5-inch

Built-in Navigation System with 12 million POIs

NX500 features a built-in car navigation system with simple destination input, turn-by-turn voice prompts, selectable route guidance — everything you need to reach your destination quickly and efficiently. Pre-loaded with 12 million Points of Interest, its database includes national parks, restaurants, gas stations, and much more.

Built-in Bluetooth® Hands-free Calling

With Bluetooth built-in, you can wirelessly connect your Bluetooth capable mobile phone to listen to calls through your car’s audio system. HFP/OPP/A2DP/AVRCP protocols are supported.

Superior iPod® and iPhone® Connectivity

USB connection* enables complete control of your iPod including video playback. Also “Works with iPhone” certified to bring its communication and entertainment capabilities into your car.

* Please visit the Clarion website for iPod models that are compatible with the VX500.

* Playback of iPod Video requires the optional cable CCA723/748.

HD Radio™ Ready with iTunes® Tagging

Connecting the THD400 lets you enjoy listening to digitally broadcast radio programs with all their superior quality and helpful information. This includes iTunes Tagging capability, so if you hear a song on the radio that you like, you can tag it to download later from the iTunes Store. Save time finding and accumulating the tunes you want.

Sirius Direct Connect Ready

Connect to a Sirius Satellite Radio receiver without any need for a interface box — and enjoy over 130 channels of music, news, talk shows, sports and traffic information with digital quality sound throughout the U.S. and Canada.

USB Connector even supports playback of WMA/MP3 files.

Front AUX Input for connection of portable audio player or other equipment.

Rear Vision Camera RCA Input

This RCA input enables you to smoothly connect a rear camera to display the area behind your vehicle. The increased view encourages and facilitates safer driving.

Front/Rear AV Inputs

NX500 is equipped with AV input terminals on the front and rear of the unit to enable enjoyment of content from an external connected source. The rear RCA inputs are ideal for permanent installations, while the front pin jack type input will come in handy for quick connection of portable audiovisual sources.

24-bit D/A Converter for Superb Sound Reproduction

Fully enjoy the sonic impact of DVD movie soundtracks or music videos. 24-bit technology actually oversamples the digital signal, providing excellent results that just weren’t possible with older 16-bit systems.

6ch/2V RCA Output with Subwoofer Control

With 3 sets of RCA outputs, you are free to add external power amplifiers to create a more powerful, sophisticated audio system. Also, independent volume control is enabled for the subwoofer so you can adjust the level of bass output to your liking at any time, regardless of the output level of the other channels.

CEA 2006 Power Ratings

16W×4 RMS [4Ω@14.4V ≤1% THD+N]

S/N 81dB (Ref:1W into 4Ω)

Remote Control included

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