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Digital Media Receiver With Full Cloud Connectivity

App Connectivity

Cloud Technology For A Clear Advantage.

Clarion's Smart Access cloud network service platform lets you access a vast array of real-time information, services and interaction options that are always current with the latest data available.



Superb Applications Optimized for Seamless In-Vehicle Use

Smart Access allows you to easily enjoy the apps you like seamlessly in your vehicle, not just as-is, but optimized for the in-vehicle environment. This contributes to safer driving even while you continue accessing important information such as navigation, weather, news, and SNS.

Navigation Apps

Keep on track using one of your favorite Smartphone navigation apps.
Smartphone Connectivity

Android Phone™ & iPhone® Connectivity For Seamless Enjoyment Of Your Favorite Music

You can connect your smartphone to the FX503 and access the music that is stored on it. Your device can be operated from the FX503’s control panel while the sound plays through the car’s speaker system.

* For audio playback, please use the USB cable provided with your iPhone.
* For video playback, an optional cable is required.
* Please see our website for details of compatible Android Phone / iPhone models.

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Pandora® internet radio

Enjoy Interactive Pandora internet radio Anytime On The Road

Pandora internet radio plays songs while you feedback a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” which is reflected in future selections.
Album artwork and Song information, as well as the ability to bookmark Artists/Tracks and create your own station, are supported by the Pandora app on your Android Phone and iPhone.
1. Album artwork
2. Bookmark
3. Thumbs up/down
4. Station list

* The Pandora radio App must be installed on the smartphone you are using.
Bluetooth® Connectivity

Bluetooth For Hands-Free Communication And Stereo Audio Streaming

Built-in Bluetooth provides hands-free voice communication, compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones. A built-in microphone enables you talk and drive at the same time. Play music stored on any Bluetooth devices, whether it's a mobile phone or a portable audio player, with wireless convenience.
The pairing process is extremely simple, as there is no need to input a complicated pass code at the FX503 or at the Bluetooth device. All you need to do is to confirm that the pass codes match at the FX503 and Bluetooth device for connection to occur.
And So Much More

Intuitive Control With Vivid Icons And Flick Operation

The menu screen is so intuitive you’ll probably never look at the instruction book. The full flat screen is highlighted by three blue-illuminated hard keys for most frequently used functions (Menu select on left, Volume in center, Smart Access and Power button on right). The touch screen operates with the familiarity of a smartphone screen, only much bigger, complete with flick operation.
MP3/MWA Playback For Audio
Playback of MP3/WMA files are supported so you can enjoy your audio files. You can use a variety of file conversion programs on your home PC to create MP3/WMA audio files, then store them on a USB memory device and play the file on the FX503 in your car.

Intelligent Tune: Clarion’s Exclusive Sound Technology

Clarion’s sound technology was developed to turn the car interior into an excellent listening environment. “Intelligent Tune” includes Vocal Image Control to move the vocal to a specific seat in the car, Sound Restorer for full quality sound reproduction of compressed audio data, Virtual Bass for powerful bass without a subwoofer, and other exciting sound technologies



Built-in High Pass And Low Pass Filters

The internal High Pass and Low Pass Filters allow your music to be played at the precise levels that they were meant to be heard. Enjoy bass with more muscle and highs with more clarity.

6-Channel 4-Volt RCA Outputs Make It Easy To Expand And Upgrade

With 6-Channel 4-Volt RCA Outputs, you are free to add external power amplifiers to create a more powerful, sophisticated audio system. What's more, the 4-volt output assures a pure, high quality signal for the entire sound system.
Power Output:
18W × 4 RMS (4Ω@14.4V≤1% THD+N)
Signal to Noise Ratio:
76dB (Ref; 1W into 4Ω)

(Optional RCB198)

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