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Smartphone Connectivity

Android USB Mirroring

Simply connect your Android™ smartphone with a USB cable and enjoy videos and music on the FX109's large display. You can also use a navigation app to operate the unit on a large screen, similar to a car navigation system, for safe and secure driving. You also keep touch control from both the FX109 and your smartphone.

Superior iPod® and iPhone® Connectivity

You can connect your iPod or iPhone to the Front USB of the FX109 unit to play and enjoy music and videos.

Bluetooth® for Hands-free Communication and Audio Streaming

Built-in Bluetooth provides hands-free voice communication, compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones. Safely communicate and drive at the same time.*1 Play music stored on a Bluetooth device*2, such as a mobile phone or a portable audio player, with wireless connection.

*1 The supplied external microphone can also be used.
*2 Please check for compatible mobile phone models here.

Design Interface


Smart and sophisticated body design and High precision capacitive touchscreen

Beautiful interface with a high-definition WVGA panel and flat keys on the left side. Major sources are easily touched through the clear colored, highly visible menu icons. It also features a sensitive capacitive touchscreen for greater precision, comfort and control.

1. Voice Assistant
You can access the voice recognition function of the mobile phone connected to this unit.

2. Flat key

Front USB Slot for Audio and Video Playback

The FX109 supports playback of MP3 and WMA format audio files as well as MPEG video files. Play music file stored on a USB flash memory. Also album name and artwork as well as artist name are prominently displayed.

Enjoy your favorite music in high quality sound technology

Enjoy your favorite music in high quality sound directly from your smartphone or USB flash memory. Create an accurate sound space with time alignment and enjoy driving from an ideal sound environment.

Digital Time Alignment

Make fine adjustments by digitally shaping your car speaker's acoustics. Attain perfect sound imaging, optimised for a perfect listening experience even within a car cabin.

4-Channel / 2 Volt RCA Output

With 4 RCA audio outputs, you are free to add external power amplifiers to create a more powerful, sophisticated audio system. What’s more, the 2-volt output assures a pure, high quality signal for the entire sound system.
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