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Heavy Duty CMOS Color Camera (without Shutter/Mirror Image/Wide Angle)



Surpassing IP69K, this high-performance mirror image camera features an advanced optical system that incorporate the latest technology to suppress distortion and ghosting.

Rugged, reliable and durable, this high-quality camera system is built from the ground up with all-original parts.

Built to handle the rough conditions of daily operation in a demanding business environment, the CC6600Eʼ s design team put every effort into improving the durability and reliability of this camera. Reducing the number of parts and components to minimize potential breakdowns, while reevaluating the processing technology, made it possible to significantly increase the levels of durability and reliability.

Innovative new design has replaced the cable section on the back of the camera with a single connector, increasing waterproof capability and durability to comply with IP69K specifications along with the CC1601A.

Even with the incorporation of a large glass front panel, this camera boasts enhanced waterproof capability thanks to a completely redesigned gasket and the use of a resin-coated connector in the cable outlet on the back panel of the camera. These modifications have improved both the waterproof capability and the durability of the camera, enabling it to comply with IP69K and affording you the confidence that comes with knowing you can depend on this camera even under the most difficult conditions.

New-generation 330k-pixel CMOS sensor that offers high contrast and improved nighttime images with reduced noise.

After conducting an in-depth review of all conceivable usage conditions, the decision was made to incorporate a new-generation 330k-pixel CMOS sensor. One of the advantages of a CMOS sensor is that it does not generate any smear even when subjected to strong light such as backlight, making it an ideal choice for in-vehicle cameras as backlight is inevitable on the road.

Rugged, high-grade die-cast aluminum body for long-term durability.

To build a camera that combines improved durability with refined design, the main body is constructed from high-quality die-cast aluminum. The camera's smooth, cylindrical shape has the added benefit of minimizing the mounting space required no matter what mounting angle is used.

Significant weight reduction including the connector: CC6600E — 46% reduction (compared to the CC2000E).

While maintaining waterproof capability and reliability, the weight of the camera has been significantly reduced — 46% lighter than the conventional CC2000E. The cable is thinner, as well, while maintaining the same level of performance. A one-touch locking mechanism has also been employed.

When connecting CC6600E to current monitor


Dedicated lenses designed with the latest technology to reduce distortion and ghosting, delivering crisp, clear, high-quality camera images.

With a 118 ° horizontal view angle, this camera facilitates clear observation of the rear of the vehicle from edge to edge with minimum distortion. Attention to details such as the shape of the body and the type of glass material helped achieve crisp, clear images with reduced ghosting.

Protective front glass keeps dirt and snow off the lens coating to assure image quality, as well as preventing scratching when the camera is cleaned.

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