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Clarion Intelligent VOICE™


Clarion Intelligent VOICE™

Safe operation while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road


Use your voice to operate a variety of functions

Clarion Intelligent VOICE™ uses Google™ voice recognition technology to enable information search and destination setting. What’s more, it is possible to connect with your Google account, which will enable you to access mail and calendar to check your email and have them read out loud, as well as check your schedule just by talking.

Link to calendar

Calendar can be displayed on the navigation screen by voice command, allowing you to safely check your schedule while in the car.

Link to mail

Just say the word, and you can check the emails received at your mail account. What’s more, the system will even read your messages out loud for you.

Smartphone connectivity

Telephone communication, as well as checking your SMS, can be activated by voice command.

*SMS function is valid on Android smartphone only.

Compatible models


Say this, say that, anything goes. Search whatever comes to mind

Unlike typical voice recognition, you can now search for destinations just by saying what you want.
● Beautiful night view
● I want to go to art museum in Paris
● Tuscan restaurant famous in Milan
● To a Shopping Centre
● To a large aquarium
● Find a pharmacy nearby

Other speech functions are also available

● Display of icons on the map can be triggered by voice.

● Favorite POI list displaying by voice.

● POI history list displaying by voice.

Voice search frees you from the hassle of manual input

Unlike conventional search based on a limited set of predetermined words, this system enables search by saying out loud any words that come to mind, so even long phrases are possible. This relieves you from the extra hassle and stress of having to search by conventional means.

A. Typical manual input search

If you wish to eat at a location near your destination…
1. Look for Restaurant near the destination.
2. Select the category you wish to search.  In this case, Restaurants.
3. As you type, the system displays possible matches, so you can find a location by inputting just a few characters.
4. In addition to the address, it will display the telephone number and other related information.

B. Clarion Intelligent VOICE™

5. Direct search with voice input of “Near here sushi”
6. Near here sushi
7. Immediate and direct search

C. Typical voice search

Voice Recognition/Search Engine
8 . “Please enter command”
9 . Example command: “Vicinity Search”
10. “Please enter the next command”
11. Example command: “Fast Food”
12. “Please enter the next command”
13. Example command: “Japanese Restaurant”

The Premium version of the Intelligent VOICE function can be activated with a single click, providing you with navigation guidance directly from Google search results. When you use the NX504E, the Intelligent VOICE Premium version will be offered for free during the first three months. After that period, you can choose to stop using it or you can purchase it online through the Smart Access application on your mobile phone (smartphone).


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